Deeply honored

from Patty Murray <>
date Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 12:24 PM
subject Deeply honored
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I am deeply honored by your support -- and I can't possibly say thank you enough. It was with the support of each and every one of you that I had the resources to win.

I am so grateful to the voters of Washington state, who've given me the opportunity to go back to that other Washington to be their voice for another term in the U.S. Senate. I promise that you'll be proud of the work that we're going to do together over these next few years.

And now that the voters have spoken, it is time to get down to the critical tasks of getting our economy back on track and creating good jobs, providing help to our small businesses, passing tax cuts for our middle class, and securing that tanker contract by leveling the playing field for our workers.

And it is my great honor to work with all of you to accomplish all of that -- and more.

Thank you again,

Patty Murray
U.S. Senator

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