Parka collars for very expensive parkas using large, northern coyotes. are made  by cutting off the head, the tail, and two 4" wide strips down the back.  A one one inch ridge is kept and the rest is sold for scrap.  Everyone who has bought this has commented that it is the nicest coyote fur scrap around.  Supplies are limited. At the moment, there is about 200 pounds on hand.

Note, the scrap is not suitable for making your own parka collars unless you want to piece together pieces.  This is scrap.  Demand exists for a piece of "scrap" that is 4" wide and 40" long.  A piece like this is not scrap..... Finished parka collars tare available $160 EACH, hat you can sew into your parka hood.  At the moment, these are custom-order items, so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Code         Description                                Price     

PalmsC        Coyote Scrap Fur                      US$16.00 per pound