shoes, textile remnants, upholstery and used furniture.

Min. Order Quantity: 20 Cubic Feet Container 23,000 pounds
FOB Price USD 0.50~1.30 / Pound according to price lists


From our 100,000 square feet of manufacturing warehouse space we can supply you each month -- at very competitive prices -- with up to 8 X 40 ft containers of high quality summer and winter clothes, including work clothes and shoes for men, women or children. You can select exactly which apparel you want to order.  We can load 58,000 lbs of used clothing in a 40 ft high cube container. 

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We can make small bales of 100 lbs, 125 lbs, 150 lbs, 200 lbs to 1,200 lbs. in a CLEAR P.P. bag according to the buyer's specifications and instructions. You select your own items.

Complete price lists for each of the ninety separate items of clothes will be sent to you upon your request. Email:

Regarding used shoes including dress shoes sneakers and tennis shoes:

We can supply you 4 containers a month. The bag of shoes composition is: 5 pairs of sport shoes, 5 pairs of men's dress shoes, 15 pairs of boys and girls shoes,15 pairs of shoes for ladies, no high heels, no old style shoes. Composition of the bag can be changed by customer requirement. Bag weight 50 lbs. We load 320 bags of shoes in a 20 ft container. 


We buy all the used clothing from within USA.  They enter our factory in big volume on full 53 feet trailers. Each bale is opened and put on the running conveyor belt. 80% come to us very clean and we do not have to clean them. 20% may have stains, tears, or faded. We remove these clothes and sell them  at very low prices to 'wiper rag manufacturers.' We have washers and dryers that we use to clean children's clothes.

Our grading is very organized and we produce grade A used clothing. (We separate grade A summer used clothes for tropical countries and winter grade A for the cold countries.) The workers along the sides of the conveyor belt separate the clothes by items like shirts, pants, shorts etc., and they put them into individual carts.  We have 20 grading tables and each table is assigned only to one worker who works on only 1 specific item.  

We have baling machines that compress the used clothes you order into bales of either 100 lbs (45 kilograms), 121 lbs (55 kilograms) and we load those bales into containers right here at our warehouse . 

We load 540 bales of 100 lbs into a 40 ft container and 230 bales of 100 lbs into a 20 ft container. The containers are picked up from our warehouse by the freight forwarder. 

Min. Order Quantity 20 Cubic Feet Container 23,000 pounds
FOB Price USD 0.50~1.30 / Pound according to price lists
Payment Terms 50% by T/T  or Western Union, Money Gram or
Balance upon receipt of copy of Bill of Lading
Production Capacity 320 Cubic Foot/Cubic Feet / Month
Packaging Details 20 foot or 40 foot container. 
Delivery Time 6 weeks by ocean freight


Contact: The President of Palms & Company 425-828-6774.

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 Palms & Company: 1kg = 2.2 lb   

          We are a US exporter of used clothing, used shoes, textile remnants, upholstery, used furnitureused toys, used books, household utensils,


We can supply you any quantity per month of premium grade A tropical summer or winter used clothing at very competitive prices. We can load 58,000 lbs of used clothing in a 40 ft container, high cube.


We can make small bales of 100 lbs, 125 lbs, 150 lbs, 200 lbs to 1,200 lbs. We make size of bale according to the buyer's specifications and instructions.


We have used clothing ready to ship all the time. and we can ship 8 X 40 FT containers a month. Minimum order is 20 FT and packaging is a CLEAR P.P. bag.


 We sell our tropical summer light used clothing in giant bales for: USD 1.12 / lb fob USA .

                                           Description                                Unit/Price                   


                   Adult Sweaters                                      USD 0.50             

                   Bedsheets                                              USD 0.90              

                   Blankets                                                USD 0.70              

                   Boys cotton Shirts                                 USD 1.10            

                   Boys Jeans                                           USD 1.10               

                   Boys Pants                                            USD 1.10              

                   Boys T-shirts S/S                                 USD 1.10               

                   Brassiers                                               USD 1.10              

                   Children Mid Rum.                             USD 0.90               

                   Children Jackets                                  USD 1.10               

                   Children Jogging                                 USD 1.10               

                   Children Light Rum                            USD 1.50              

                   Children Sweater                                 USD 1.00               

                   Children Zip Jacket                             USD 1.00                

                   Collart T-shirts L/S                              USD 1.10                

                   Collart T-shirts S/S                              USD 1.10             

                   Cordurory Jackets                                USD 0.90             

                   Girls Blouses                                        USD 0.90              

                   Girls Dresses                                        USD 1.30               

                   Girls Jeans Pants                                USD 1.00               

                   Girls Skirts                                           USD 0.80               

                   Heavy Curtains                                    USD 1.40                

                  Household Rum                                    USD 0.70               

                  Jacket Anorak                                       USD 1.00               

                  Jeans Jackets                                        USD 1.0 0              

                  Jogging Top                                          USD 1.00               

                 Lace Curtains                                        USD 1.20                  

                 Ladies Nylon Rum                                 USD 0.80                   

                 Ladies 2 PCS Suit                                   USD 1.00                   

                 Ladies Corduroy Skirt                         USD 0.80                    

                 Ladies Cotton Blouse                            USD 0.80                   

                 Ladies Cotton Dress                             USD 1.10                 

                 Ladies Cot Pants                                  USD 0.80 

                 Ladies Cot Skirts                                 USD 0.80                   

                Ladies hand bags                                  USD 090                  

                Ladies Jackets 55 kg                            USD 0.50                  

                Ladies Jeans Dress                              USD 1.10                   

                ladies Mix blouses                               USD 0.80                    

                Ladies Mix Dresses                             USD 1.00                   

               Ladies Mix Skirts                                 USD 0.80                    

               Ladies Mix Velvet                                USD 0.80                    

               Ladies Poly Dress                                USD 1.10                    

               Ladies Silk Blouse                              USD 0.90                     

               Ladies Silk Dresses                             USD 1.10                

               Ladies Silk Skirts                               USD  0.80                    

               Ladies Slips                                        USD  0.80                    

               Ladies Tank Tops                              USD  0.90                    

               Ladies T-shirts L/S                           USD  0.90                    

               Ladies T-shirts S/S                           USD  0.90                   

               Ladies Wool Pants                           USD  0.70                    

               Ladies Wool Skirts                               USD 0.70                     

               Leather Jackets                                    USD 1.10                   

               Light Zip Jackets                                  USD 1.00                    

               Men Blazer Jackets                              USD 0.80                   

              Men Complete Suit                               USD 1.10                   

              Men Corduroy Shirts                            USD 1.10                   

              Men Corduroy Pants                             USD 1.10                  

              Men Cot Pants                                      USD 1.10                   

              Men Cot Shirts                                     USD  1.30                  

              Men Denim Shirts                                USD 1.00                   

              Men Dress Pants                                  USD 1.10                  

              Men Hats                                              USD 1.30                   

             Men Jackets                                          USD 1.00                   

             Men Jeans Pants                                  USD 1.30                    

             Men Mix Shirts                                     USD 1.30                   

             Men Poly Pants                                     USD 1.00                  

             Men Tank Tops                                     USD 1.10                   

             Men Track Suit                                     USD 1.00                   

             Men T-shirt S/S                                    USD 1.10                   

             Men Wool Pants                                   USD 1.00                   

             Mix Belts                                              USD  0.90                   

             Morning Gowns                                    USD 0.90               

             Nylon Night Dress                                USD 0.90               

             Original shorts                                      USD 1.10             

             Paired Socks                                          USD 0.90              

            Rain Coats                                             USD 0905 


            Round Neck T-shirt                              USD  1.10              

            Sport Shorts                                          USD  1.20              

            Sport T-shirts                                        USD  1.20              

           Towels                                                     USD  0.90    

...Winter Clothes

Tel: 1 424 828 6774 Fax: 1 425 827 5528
Palms Bayshore Building, West Wing, Penthouse Suite #408
6421 Lake Washington Boulevard Northeast
Kirkland, Washington State, The United States Of America 98033
Winter Clothes Pricelist
CUSTOMER NAME: Jan 27 2011
Tel / Fax:
E-mail address:
Port of Destination:
DESCRIPTION Unit/ Price # of Bales
  USD 0.50 / lb
Bed Sheets USD 0.90 /lb
Blankets USD 0.70/lb
Boys Cotton Shirts USD 1.00/lb
Boys Jeans USD 1.10/lb
Boys Pants USD 1.10/lb
Boys T-shirts S/S USD 1.10/lb
Brassiers USD 1.50/lb
Children Mid Rummage USD 0.90/lb
Children Jackets USD 1.10/lb
Children Jogging Suits USD 1.10/lb
Children Light Rummage USD 1.50/lb
Childresn Sweaters USD 1.00/lb
Children Zip Jackets USD 1.00/lb
Collar T-shirts L/S USD 1.10/lb
Collar T-shirts S/S USD 1.10/lb
Corduroy Jackets USD 0.90/lb
Girls Blouses USD 0.90/lb
Girls Dresses USD 1.30/lb
Girls Jean Pants USD 1.00/lb
Girls Skirts USD 0.90/lb
Heavy Curtains USD 0.70/lb
Household Rummage USD 0.70/lb
Jacket Anorak USD 1.00/lb
Jean Jackets USD 1.00/lb
Jogging Top USD 1.10/lb
Lace Curtains USD 1.20/lb
Ladies Nylon Rummage USD 0.90/lb
Ladies 2-pc Suits USD 1.00/lb
Ladies Corduroy Skirts USD 0.80/lb
Ladies Cotton Dress USD 1.00/lb
Ladies Cotton Pants USD 0.80/lb
Ladies Cotton Skirts USD 0.80/lb
Ladies hand bags USD 0.90/lb
Ladies jackets USD 1.10/lb
Ladies  Jeans Dress USD 1.10/lb
Ladies Mix Blouse USD 0.80/lb
Ladies Mix Dress USD 1.10/lb
Ladies Mix Skirts USD 0.80/lb
Ladies Mix Velvet USD 0.40 / lb
Ladies Poly Dress USD 0.80/lb
Ladies Silk Blouse USD 0.90/lb
Ladies Silk Dresses USD 0.55 / lb
Ladies Silk Skirts USD 1.10/lb
Ladies Slips USD 0.90/lb
Ladies Tank Tops USD 0.90/lb
Ladies T-shirts L/S USD 0.90/lb
Ladies T-shirts S/S USD 0.90/lb
Ladies Wool Pants USD 0.80/lb
Ladies Wool Skirts USD 0.70/lb
Leather Jackets USD 1.10/lb
Light Zip Jackets USD 1.10/lb
Men Blazer Jackets USD 1.10/lb
Men Complete Suit USD 1.50/lb
Men Corduroy Shirts USD 1.10/lb
Men Corduroy Pants USD 1.10/lb
Men Cotton Pants USD 1.30/lb
Men Cotton Shirts USD 1.30/lb
Men Denim Shirts USD 1.30/lb
Men Dress Pants USD 1.30/lb
Men Hats USD 1.20/lb
Men Jackets USD 1.30/lb
Men Jean Pants USD 1.30/lb
Men Mix Shirts USD 1.30/lb
Men Polyester Pants USD 1.30/lb
Men Tank Tops USD 1.30/lb
Men Track Suit USD 1.30/lb
Men T-shirt S/S USD 1.10/lb
Men Wool Pants USD 1.10/lb
Mix Belts USD 0.90/lb
Morning Gowns USD 0.90/lb
Nylon Night Dress USD 0.90/lb
Original Shorts USD 0.55 / lb
Paired Socks USD 1.10/lb
Rain Coats USD 0.90/lb
Round Neck T-shirt USD 1.10/lb
Sport Shorts USD 1.30/lb
Sport T-shirts USD 1.30/lb
Towels USD 0.90/lb

We are a US company specialized in export of grade A used shoes, and liquidation of  sneakers and tennis shoes
We can supply you 4 containers a month. The bag of shoes composition is: 5 pairs of sport shoes, 5 pairs of men's dress shoes, 15 pairs of boys and girls shoes,
15 pairs of shoes for ladies, no high heels, no old style shoes. Composition of the bag can be changed by customer requirement. Bag weight 50 lbs and we load 720
bags in a 40 foot container high cube. We load 320 bags of shoes in a 20 ft container. We sell the pound for



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This firm is federally licensed by the United States Government. All shipments are in strict compliance with the laws of the United States as administered by the United States Department of The Interior, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Agency.