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$150 Million available for Housing Construction

in Russia


Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms

Sovetnik Pravitelstva CWA, Tovarichestvo Palmsa, Inc.

Investment Bankers. Washington, United States of America.


1. Management Opportunity

Palms & Company is considering investment in several Russia companies engaged in the manufacture of building industry construction materials and components. The need for housing is estimated at 40 million units. Though current demand is limited due to economic conditions in Russia, this is changing.

Palms & Company searching for companies world-wide with demonstrated experience in manufacturing modern building materials and components, modular and prefabricated housing, log homes, and construction materials, interested in managing similar type companies in Russia. Palms & Company seeks to enter into agreements with such building material manufacturing companies for the management and operation of these Russian portfolio companies on a fee and/or profit sharing basis.

Equity capital will be provided by Palms & Company and no investment is required of the management company. If however the management company wishes to participate in equity ownership by participating in the investment with Palms & Company, an opportunity for such equity participation will be made available.

Corporations with adequate demonstrated experience in producing modern building materials or which provide services that support the production or distribution of such products are asked to communicate their interest via e-mail to <> together with their qualifications and details of their business.

2. Investment Opportunity

Palms & Company is considering investing up to $50 million dollars in several Russia companies engaged in the manufacture of building industry construction materials and components. The World Bank has proposed to provide an additional $100 million dollars of equity matching financing.

Institutional and accredited investors interested in exploring co-investment opportunities ranging from $500,000 to $10,000,000 are invited to request further details by contacting Palms & Company by e-mail at <>


$400 million has been made available to the Russian Federation to develop the Russian housing market by encouraging the expansion of the private sector real estate development and housing delivery system. The funds have been employed for land development into home-sites and to provide construction financing to developers.

Palms & Company's investment would be directed at supporting the development of supply sources of building materials to developers of townhouses, individual houses, mid-rise apartment buildings, and associated commercial space and community facilities from privately owned building materials enterprises which manufacture improved energy efficient products for the housing market or which plan to introduce new manufacturing processes to increase industrial effectiveness in Russian industry. It can also support companies involved in leasing equipment to this industry, or companies which are involved in the retailing, warehousing and distribution of housing building products.

For discussions in Russian language in Moscow 7-095-324-6134 7-095-324-4249, Alexander Wislobokov

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For discussion in English or Dutch: 1 425 828-6774 E-mail: Dr. Pyotr Joannevich van de Waal-Palms

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