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Palms & Company  TODAY 2009

In our 68th year in business our major activities consist of:

The History of Palms & Company 1934- 2009

Formed in 1934 in The Netherlands by Peter Palms III, , the company was originally  engaged in textile manufacturing through division Tricotage Fabriek Evana N.V. This Company was reconstructed after World War II by PJP Corporation New York. with profits from Investment Management of a portfolio of  NYSE listed securities during the years 1940 through 1947. During the 1950's the company was involved in Real Estate investment in  Western Florida. During the 1960's the company was engaged in 

In 1972 Peter Palms IV became president. and during  the next 16 years the company provided

In 1988 Dr. Palms was invited to the Soviet Union to provide seminars to 300 General Directors of Soviet industry on conversion of Soviet industry into a market economy operating in a capitalist economy.

The History of Palms & Company In Russia 1988 - 2009

"Winston Churchill said, "Russia is a question within a puzzle within an enigma" I have no quarrel with his definition. But, Russia is changing, albeit for the worse at the moment. Isolation is giving way to education and information. The World Wide Web will be Russia's interstate highway system. Our company has created an e-commerce department with web design and web-marketing capabilities to fully participate in this highway to a global economy There is an inevitability about economic reconstruction of Russia but as of  December  20, 2000 Russia has not yet hit bottom, nor is its Nomenklatura  either a government, democratic or representative of its electorate. Law is still an instrument of oppression of criminals who control the country. Russia is a country occupied by the Nomenklatura and has no real government.

As of yet, the Russian people do not recognize their occupation status, nor do they believe in their potential prosperity. They do not grasp how essential reversal of "Privatization", through restitution of the $1 trillion in stolen property of the Russian people, is the their eventual prosperity. Most realize the economics of being serfs but not the politics of it. A parasite owns them and consumes them. F.M. Dostoevsky said "Feed men, then ask of them virtue." In that sense patience is required, but not tolerance. Dostoevsky said a number of pertinent things "Good fortune is not fortune itself, but its achievement", and perhaps most appropriate: "If you were to destroy in mankind the belief in immortality, not only love but every living force maintaining the life of the world would at once be dried up". Voltaire also HAS A POINT .. "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."

In the final analysis Russia ultimately has no place else to go but up, and won't be able to avoid it, but only after it hits bottom. While that day has not yet come, it is not far away. Unlike post World War II Europe and Japan, Russia cannot reconstruct itself. It nationalism today is as hopelessly outdated as its communism became in the last fifty years. The world is already a borderless economy demanding economic rather than military defenses. Russia still thinks "Great Power" has something to do with military power. If you get the definition wrong while your military disintegrate due to lack of money, the expensive experiment continues. Russia continues to lack a frame of reference or a power structure with constructive intentions for its constituents. When learning something new one often has to give control to someone else. The possibility that Russians might give up control in order to progress, still remains only a possibility. The real light has not yet dawned in Russia. But the absence of alternatives makes me optimistic." Russia's borders are a sieve. It cannot be governed by force because voluntary compliance with its tax laws are required to provide the "post looting" phase of reconstruction, as well as managing what is left economically and socially.

DR  PETER PALMS  December, 2009

How It All Began

In 1988 Dr. Peter Palms  and Michael Mandeville were invited by the Government of the Soviet Union to come to Moscow and Leningrad to lecture about market economy business practices at the Moscow Business School and Leningrad Management School. Our audience consisted of hundreds of General Directors of the heavy industry of the Soviet Union. Thus began the work of Dr. Palms which led to THE PORTAL TO RUSSIA.

More than 300 Russian General Directors attended these early lectures which expanded to include the Russian Academy of Science, Leningrad Management School, Moscow Business School (following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the emergence of the Russian Federation).

In many ways Dr. Palms was a logical choice. European by birth, he had 35 years of experience as President of Palms & Company, Inc., Investment Bankers, in corporate finance, international trade, and venture capital, both in the United States and in third world and developing countries. He also has experience as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Small Business Administration, Office of Economic Development, Community Services Administration, Minority Business Development Agency and Bureau of Indian affairs in inner city and rural area minority business development. There are many analogies to be drawn.

Dr Palms accompanied the first trade missions to Russia, which included participants such as The Boeing Company, Paccar, Louisiana Pacific, ARCO and 125 other U.S. companies, who left Seattle in 1990 on a chartered Aeroflot aircraft, the first Russian aircraft to land in the United States.

His travels in those years took him as far East as Yuzhno Sakhalin, Magadan, Vladivostok, Provedeniya, Anadyr and Khabarovsk and as far West as Leningrad which was to become again St. Petersburg. He addressed the Executive Committees (State Legislatures) of Magadan and Khabarovsk in 1991 and was the first to gain admission to the formerly closed city of Vladivostok.

In 1989 Palms & Company became the first 100% U.S. owned firm to be licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Soviet Union to do business in the Soviet Union and to open ruble denominated bank accounts with Vostokinvestbank in Vladivostok and KolymaBank in Magadan. Accounts were subsequently opened with Mossbusinessbank in Novosibirsk and Sberbank in St. Petersburg. An affiliate, United States Interbank Currency Exchange began to provide convertibility of rubles to dollars as early as 1991.

Palms & Company further built good will by delivering more than 1000 Bibles, printed in the Russian language to Russia and in providing donations of urgently needed medical & dental supplies and clothing.

In 1992 another affiliate, United States Fur Exchange, became the first Western company to export sable fur pelts from Russia to the United States. In that same year Dr. Palms participated as an invited delegate to the Yeltsin-Clinton Summit in Vancouver, Canada. At the invitation of William H. Donaldson, President and CEO of the New York Stock Exchange he participated in meetings in the board-room of the NYSE together with Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Anatoli Borisovich Chubais, U.S. Ambassador Arthur A. Hartman and the CEO's of America's fifty largest corporation.

During these years Dr. Palms served as advisor to President Yeltsin's Counsel of Economic Advisors, Aleksandr Livshits, leader of the President's group of experts, and Oleg Ivanovich Lobov, Chairman of President Yeltsin's Council of Economic Advisors. He advised President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus and President Kuchma of Ukraine

In his many travels through the 89 administrative regions of Russia Dr. Palms provided advice to Mayor Blinov of Vladivostok and his successor Mayor Efremov, and participated in investments in the forest industry in Sakhalin; the fishing industry in Nakhodka and in various other industries throughout Russia including:

Palms & Company was the first Western investment banking firm to publish full page, four color, monthly, investment banking advertisements in Russian business magazines such as Delovi Luydi and "We" published by Hearst Publishing Company.

Palms & Company provided investment banking advice to Alexander Ermishen, the general director of the YAK Aircraft factory in Saratov and to the Ministry of Food of Armenia. In 1993 and 1994 Palms & Company began providing distance education in business management and public policy over the "Internet" to government officials and directors of commercial enterprises in Russia. Dr. Palms become a regular contributing writer to more than 25 Russian newspapers with a circulation of in excess of 6 million copies daily. His informative articles about Russian economics, politics, law and commerce are still widely published in Russia and the United States, His web pages appear on more than 50 Russian web-servers. Several hundred economists. educators and "Fortune 500" company executives subscribe to Palms-rus-list ,a private advisory list-server.

During the period from 1989 to 1999 Palms & Company expanded its presence in both the Russian and CIS-NIS market and established 40 representation offices and e-mail communication facilities in Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, Chelyabinsk, Kirov, Murmansk, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Kaluga, Kazan, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Nishni-Novgorod, Saratov, Togliatti, Vladivostok, Sakhalin, Khabarovsk, Ukraine, (Cherkassey, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov), Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Krasnoyarsk, and most recently Ulyanovsk.

By the end of 1999 Palms Company had compiled a data base of two million e-mail address contacts in Russia and the CIS, and Dr. Palms had published 50 megabytes of original material, addressing important political, economic and social issues in Russia which effect business and economic development including 2 books and 4 CD's and electronic books, and had established a free electronic library of 1900 books a the Russian Ministry of Education. Translation of a 1200 page book about ethics, business morality and spiritual values was also completed be colleagues.


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