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Companies which have done business in Russia

Alex Brown & Son - Mr. Robert Doherty, Vice President Alcoa - Mr. L.Richard Milner, V.P. Corporate Development Allied Signal - Mr John W.Day, President American Fidelity Insurance Co. - Mr William Durett, CEO Apple Computer - Mr. Jim Johnson, Director Convernment Affairs Bechtel - Mr. Michael Saade, Manager The Boing Company - Mr. John Hayden, Vice President The Boing Company - Ms. Jane Cicala, Dir. Policy & Bus. Dev. Chrysler Corp - Mr Anthony Richards, Vice President Cigna Corp - Mr. Wilson Taylor, CEO Corning Inc. Mr. Peter Booth, Senioe VP Strategy & Dev. Delta Airlines - Mr. Rex Mc.Celland, Senior V.P. Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenette - Mr. John Chalsty, President & CEO Estee Lauder - Ms. Jeanette Wagner, President Faichild Industries - Mr. Jeffrey Steiner, President, Chairman & CEO Fieldcrest Cannon, Inc. - Mr. James Fitzgibbons, Chairman & CEO Ford Motor Company - Mr. I.M.Inglis, Dir. Internl.Operations General Electric - Mr. R Mitchell Gadbaw, VP International Policy General Motors - Mr. Charlie Golden, VP & Treasurer Hearst Corporation - John Wallach, Founding Editor WE/Мы Honeywell - Mr. David Devonshire, VP Finance J.P.Morgan - Mr.Rimmer de Vries, Managing Director Kouri Capital - Peter Ruof, President Kraft General Foods Intl. - Mr. John M.Keenan, President & CEO Lockheed Corporation - Mr. John Brophy, President MG Emerging Markets - Mr. Lorenz Fisher-Zernin, Managing Director Morgan Stanley Group - Mr.Richard Thorman, Chairman, CEO Paine Webber - Mr. Orhan Sadik-Khan, Dir.Russian Project Pepsi-Cola Intl. - Mr.Johyn Swanhaus, President Pfizer Inc. - Mr. Robert Neimeth, President Phibro - Mr.Peter Thoren, Vice President Philip Morris Inc. - Mr.Andrew Whist, Senior VP Salomon Inc. - Mr. Bob Denham, Chairman & CEO Scudder Fund - Mr. Juris Padegs, Managing Director Tishman Speyer Properties - Mr. Leonard Chazen, Managing Director U.S. West International - Mr.Lew Cramer, Asst VP Federal Relations

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Rob Foulkes, President , IT & ERP 1 888 516 6411 ext 11#

Pamela Ridgway 1 425 820 7383

Sue Swan, President FeelGreatLookGreat Inc.

Mr. David Sullivan Urban Development Division The World Bank Tel. 1 (202) 477-1234

James Helwig U.S. Departament of Commerce International Trade Administration 1 (702) 784-5203

Rosa Mc Daniel Former Contract Supervisor U.S. Department of Commerce , Minority Business Development Agency, Seattle, Washingtn, USA.

William S.Wade Former Contract Supervisor U.S. Small Business Administration, Seattle, Washington, USA

Spiro Papadimos Vice President International Banking U.S. BANK (503) 275-4347

The Honorable Russel Jim Chairman Overall Economic Development & Planning Committe, Yakima Indian Nation (509) 874-2931 office 452 2502

Mr. John Wallach Editor Hearst Publications (202) 467-6931

Mr. Vladimir E.Krupin, President Vostokinvestbank, Vladivostok, Russia, Direct Dial Tel 011-7-(4232) 25-6600 or 25-6364, Direct Dial Fax 011-7-(4232)26-61-00

European Bank of Reconstruction & Development Mr. Sven Hegstag 011 (44-71) 338-6000 Eliza Daines 338-6119 Thomas M.Kelsey 338-6487 Jack L.Orchard 338-6115

Jill Barsley, London Times, 7-0440227-2125 John Eckhouse San Francisco Chronicle 1 (415) 543-2482 Peter Tirschwell, Journal of Commerce 1 (212) 837-7130 Carey Goldberg, L.A. Times 237-4712 Chicago Tribune News desk 1 (312) 222-3143 Dow Jones News Service 1 (415) 956-2710 Karl Schoenberg, L.A.Times 1 (213)237-4712


Palms & Company, Investment Bankers Inc.

Электронная почта Dr. Palms

History of Palms & Company and Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms



Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms

Sovetnik Pravitelstva CWA, Tovarichestvo Palmsa, Inc.

Investment Bankers. Washington, United States of America.

Background information on Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms

PhD Economics, President Palms & Company, Inc., Investment Bankers, Russian Venture Capital Fund of America, United States Interbank Currency Exchange, United States - Russia Fur Exchange-Auction, "Asynchronous 'just-in-time' Distance Education Project, Ukrainian Venture Capital Fund of America.

Background information on Palms & Company, Inc.

Palms & Company, Inc., Investment Bankers is listed in the following directories and books which are available at most Western public libraries:


  • Saw-Mill
  • Diamond Mine
  • Automobile Imports
  • Fur Exports
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Copper Export
  • Security Device manufacturing
  • Satellite Dish Manufacturer
  • Bar-code manufacturer
  • Manufacturer of Super High Frequency Dielectrics Material Processing by Concentrated Energy Beams International Currency Exchange
  • Pension Fund Investment Management
  • Health Care Premium Management
  • Protection and Filing of Intellectual Property Rights Defense Industry Business Club
  • Advertising & Public Relations Agency
  • Office Building
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Importing
  • Trust Company Services
  • Commercial Bank
  • Newspaper
  • Internet System Operator ( Satellite)
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Fur Farms
  • Tire manufacturing
  • Mining Precious Metals
  • Log Home Manufacturing
  • Food processing, packaging and storage
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    Palms & Company, Inc. Founded 1934
    Palms Bayshore Building, Penthouse Suite #408 West Wing 
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    State of Washington, United States of America, 98033-6876
    Phone: 1-425-828-6774 & 1-425-827-5528
    Branches: 41 World-wide 
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