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You can reasonable expect each $6,000 in annual e-commerce marketing budget  that you allocate to Palms & Company to produce $100,000 in annual new sales

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 A relatively new class of software is being targeted at manufacturers that want to use their business-to-business Websites to automate customer sales and order management processes

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Export Marketing Services

Thank you for your e-mail in which you inquire if we would be interested to help your company develop export markets worldwide.

Please visit the following websites for details about the possibilities:

Examples of our Experience with different Product lines

What must your advertising budget be to generate $5 million in sales 


What are our advertising rates

On which indexes, newsgroups, trade-boards, spiders, web-crawlers, should your website be registered so they can refer your potential customers to you when they search for you.

We are an E-commerce advertising and marketing company using on-line Internet and WWW technology and media that:

1. will prepare a website of your products for you or refine and improve 
the one you already have
2. Make certain that importers who are looking for you can find you.
3. Inform all the search engines of your existence  

4. Notify importers, wholesalers & distributors of such products
of the existence of your company's website

5. Help them to become your customers

You can hire us to provide these services to you. The amount
of your advertising and marketing budget can be decided by you

We represent manufacturers as their export marketing Advertising
Agency. We help manufacturers recruit importers, distributors and
wholesalers world wide. Your expectation for sales from such marketing
work can reasonably twice the amount of your advertising budget the 
first year, growing gradually to 16 times the amount of your advertising 
budget in annual sales, by no later than the fifth year.

The budget is for 

* Advertising internationally through registration of your website 
at the 14 major Search Engines and Indexes that handle 95% of the daily trasffic volume on the WWW of 341 million inquiries.


* Supplemental exposure through spiders, web-crawlers, search engines, 
trade-boards, list-servers, news-groups, bots, robots. These are the
places where purchasing agents ask these "search engines" how to find someone like you.
* Design of "Keyword" HTML metatags so when searchers are asking the 
indexes to find you, it is possible to locate you.

* Web-site design and promotion

* recruiting importers, distributors and wholesalers 

* physically calling on potential customers, etc. 

* determining which countries are net importers of your products

* questioning commercial attaches at embassies and consulates of such 
countries, to find out who are the largest importers.

You can reasonably expect results of $2 in annual revenue for each $1 in budget the first year, growing gradually to $16 in revenue for each budget dollar by the
48-60th month of marketing services. Please visit for details
Palms & Company has 40 years experience as an EMC (Export management
Company) representing manufacturers world-wide with as much as $1+ billion
dollars in sales. Our company is familiar with global product markets and knows how to create channels of distribution through importers, distributors and wholesalers on an international level. We are familiar as well with the political and regulatory requirements and conditions which must be dealt with.

Every business makes the decision whether they should continue using
their time and resources in search of markets and customers or consider
using outsidesource contracts with EMCs (Export Management Companies)
such as Palms & Company, Inc.

If you have come to the conclusion that someone besides yourself is 
better equipped to employ E-commerce technology to locate new customers  for your for your products, then please consider Palms & Company, Inc. We do nothing else.

Palms & Company, Inc. is an Export Management Company which can develop
and expand the export market for the products of your company.

U.S. Government Reference 
Microsoft, IBM, AT&T,  Awards 
About Peter Palms PhD 
History of Palms & Company  
Web-site Design:  
Examples of Product Experience 
The Many Faces of Dr. Palms 

Hire us and we will do the following:

1. Pay the rent , telephone, fax, Internet, WEB URLs, web hosting,
utilities, computers, advertising, staff salaries and other overhead
expenses of representing the manufacturing company world-wide. It also
includes our work for the manufacturer of making distributorship rights
offers worldwide and conducting contract and price negotiations, delivery
arrangements and currency conversion and foreign exchange risk coverage,
while providing e-commerce advertising, multiple language web-page design,
and promotion and marketing. See

The fixed monthly fee will cover only a portion of the cost, but the
excess we will loan the Manufacturing company (give them a credit) until
we start to recover these expenses with negotiable commissions from sales. 
This constitutes a contribution on our part in financing the marketing
expenses (overhead).


Our EMC services involve introducing the manufacturing company and its
products to new customers worldwide and vouching for the credibility and
reliability of the manufacturer by providing the guarantees of Palms &
Company, as well as creating recognition of your brand name

This work requires communication in the local languages and also
preparation and promotion of web pages. For an example of this work you
can click here:
As your Export Management Company ("EMC") we will find, recruit, and
develop orders from importers, distributors, and wholesalers in countries
which currently import similar products. Our commercial intelligence
identifies who is currently buying products from your competitors for
which you can offer your products as a substitute. In the process we will
discover from whom they are buying, in what quantities and at what prices
so that we can advise you about market conditions.

3. Create your web pages in multiple languages and placing them on the 
web servers in various countries.

4. Promoting and advertising your web pages on international list-servers,
newsgroups, links, search engines, indexes, robots, web-crawlers and
spiders, trade-boards, etc.

5. Using commercial intelligence to identify your potential customers
consisting of all companies world-wide that currently import your products
from your competitors. 

6. It includes the expense of having our representatives make personal
sales calls upon these potential customers to solicit business for you. We
operate our branch offices as though they were branch offices of your
firm. You have no overhead.  

Trade Finance:
Forfaiting - Accounts Receivable Financing


* Proven track record of 400,000 "hits" per month on this web-server

* Payment: We arrange all payments in dollars in advance of shipment 

Palms & Company, Inc., is listed in the following directories and books
which are available at most Western public libraries:

* Healthcare Acquisition, Technology Transfer, Licensing & Sources of 
capital Directory
* U.S. Department of Commerce- Sources of Finance for Trade & Investment 
in the NIS (Russia)
* The Business Directory of the Newly Independent States (Soviet Union)
* First-List Directory of Financing Sources
* Soviet Independent Business Directory
* Vankirk's Venture Capital Directory
* The Corporate Finance Sourcebook
* Online Venture Capital Directory
* Pratt's Guide to Venture Capital
* Russian Oil & Gas Directory
* The Global Trade Executive
* The Capital Sources Digest
* National Lender's Directory
* The Business Owner
* The Capital Source
* The Financial 1000
* Venture Economics
* Capital Base

Thank you for your interest in our company. If you want results you have
come to the right place.

If you accept our proposal we can start immediately. 

Since you want to increase your export sales world wide by $5 to $50 million dollars, please  would you arrange for me to receive further descriptions of the products you manufacture, including brochures and photos and specifications as well as the URL address of your present website, if you have one, as well as graphic .jpg and or .gif files of your products and logos.

Our function as an advertising agency is to create sales for you by finding and recruiting "Importers", "Wholesalers" and Distributors in all countries where there is a market for your products. We will perform that work for you using the Internet and the World Wide Web to distribute information about your company and its products or services.

We will do this work on a scale of effort compatible with the sales and revenues goals you instruct us to achieve.

Part of our task will be to create HML METATAG code in your company website that will enable all search engines, indexes, bots, spiders and web-crawlers on the WWW to immediately recognize all inquires they receive, which are looking for products you manufacture, as being intended for your company and therefore being referred to your company.

This will enable your company to present its products daily to more than 100 million people. 

The spider would be programmed to find all importers, distributors and wholesalers in the world of products you manufacture and refer them to your website which would become your company product brochure and which

would include such information as:

* Product Photos

* product specifications

* delivery time

* minimum shipments

* terms of payment

* frequently asked questions

* maintenance instructions

* assembly instructions

* repair facilities

* warranty

There are an estimated 10 million businesses in just the United States alone. 

In addition to our online marketing campaign we would also arrange to notify the businesses in your industry about your product website at trade-fairs, industry conventions, and other gatherings. 

We can conduct this sales/advertising program for you for a budget of $300,000. Based upon our experience we expect this budget would produce $600,000 in revenues the first year, growing gradually to $5 million in annual sales by the fifth year.

The budget can be smaller with corresponding changes in the dollar amount of  sales results. No budget is too small to start with. 

For references testimonials, credentials, track record and awards to

support these representations please visit the following WWW URLs  

Awards Microsoft AT&T IBM:  


About Palms  


U.S. Government  

We have been advisors to several agencies of the United States Government including:

United States Small Business Administration

United States Office of Economic Development

United States Community Services Administration

United States Agency For International Development

United States Department of the Interior

United States Minority Business Development Agency

United States Bureau of Indian Affairs 


Dr. Palms as an invited delegate to the Summit meeting of President

Clinton and President Yeltsin.

You may have some questions about what I propose. Please feel free to ask them. I just wanted to provide you with a brief description of the possibilities as well as to clarify that Palms & Company is an "Export Marketing Services Company". We can help you accomplish your sales objectives by finding importers, wholesalers and  distributors

We are not an importer or trader in the products you manufacture or any other products.

We are an advertising and marketing company specializing in online marketing and offering our services to manufacturers who wish to develop or expand their export markets. We reach conventional distribution channels for you.

Further details are available at

Export Services  

Product Examples:  

Webpage Design Examples  

Business Startup Services  

Trade Finance  

Corporate Finance  

I thank you for your visit to our website. If your objective is to  to expand your export sales, then please let us continue this dialog and develop an understanding with each other for collaboration and cooperation.

Chinese companies may request referral directly to our offices in Hong Kong.

Dr. Peter Palms, President



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