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1.  Secretary of State travels to Russia with Dr. Palms

2. Credentials  of Dr. Palms New York Stock Exchange - Chairman & CEO  William  H. Donaldson (12-9-2002 Bush Nominee for Secretary of The Treasury - Russian Deputy Prime Minister   Anatoli  Borisovich Chubais - Ambassador To The Former Soviet Union, Arthur Hartman, European Bank For Reconstruction & Development - British Know How Fund

3. Certification By United States Department of State of the Certification of Palms & Company 

4. Chief of Staff of Soviet Army G. Kribosheev, granting permission to Dr. Palms to enter all closed military areas and cities
     of the Soviet Union

5. European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (Shareholders include United States with a $10 billion investment
     in this London based  Venture Capital Fund

6. Eduard Shevardnadze Former Prime Minister of Soviet Union, now President of Georgia , expression of appreciation to Dr.
    Peter Palms with assurance of political and administrative support

7. President Boris Nikolaievich Yeltsin & President Clinton - Vancouver Summit with  Private Sector Russian Investment
     Initiatives of Palms & Company

8. USBank

9. International Trade Administration, United States Department of Commerce

10. United States Small Business Administration

11. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Academy of Science

12. Ministry of Food & Industry of The Republic of Armenia

13. Arthur Young C.P.A. Entrepreneur of the Year Award to Palms & Company whose ingenuity, hard work and innovation
      have created successful and growing business ventures

14. CENTRAL BANK OF RUSSIA, A. L. Potemkin, Head of Foreign Operations Department Moscow 

15.  White House - First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton

16. Venture Capital Directories in which Palms & Company is listed

17. United States Department of Energy  

18. United States Senator Newt Gingrich 

19. International Monetary Fund Buys  "Understanding Russian Banking" by author Dr. Peter Palms, PhD

20. World Bank

21. President of Karalpakstan (Uzbekistan) D. Shamshetov

22.  Lukoil President Vagit U Alekperov  

23.  Moscow McDonald's

24. Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney welcomes Dr. Palms to Clinton-Yeltsin President Summit meeting 
      Vancouver,   Canada 

25. President of Lithuania

26.United States Senator Slade Gorton

27. Venture Capital Investors Ranked by Volume of Investment

28. Multi-Entry Russian Business Visa

29. Vostokinvestbank, Vladivostok

30. White House

31. Financial Yellow Book -Who is Who at the Leading U.S.  Financial Institutions

32. The Shareholders, Investors and Bankers Guide to Palms & Company Incorporated by Data Institute Investor's Guide

33. President George Bush

34. United States Agency For International Development

35. London Financial Times

36. History of Dr Palms, PhD Economics Government Experience, Career Accomplishments Advisor to the Presidents of 5 countries

 37 Thank you from Vice President of The United States Of America, Joe  Biden

38 Thank you from United States Senator Patty Murray

39. Thank you from the President of The  United States Of America, Barak Obama

40. Bloomberg Businessweek



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