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"List of government officials of Ukraine, address and telephone"


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Key Ukrainian Government Leaders

President Leonid Kuchma

Vul. Bankova, 11

Kyiv Ukraine 252008 Tel: 7-044-226-3265 Fax: 7-044-293-1001

Prime Minister Vitaly Masol

Cabinet of Ministers Vul. Hrushevskiy, 12/2 Kyiv Ukraine 252008 Tel: 7-044-266-3263 Fax: 7-044-293-2093

First Deputy Valery Samoplavsky

Prime Minister

Deputy Prime Ministers:

Agroindustrial Complex vacant

Foreign Trade vacant

Humanitarian Issues Mykola Zhulinsky Industry Vasyl Yevtukhov

Military Industrial Valery Shmarov

Complex & Conversion

Security Yevchen Marchuk

Vladimir Plitin Anatoly Dyuba

Minister of Oleh Prozhyvalsky

Communications vul. Khreshchatyk, 22

Kyiv Ukraine

Minister of Vitaly Radetsky

Defense vul. Bankivska, 6

Kyiv Ukraine 252009 Tel: 7-044-226-2637 Fax: 7-044-226-2015

Minister of Energy Vilen Semenyuk

& Electrification vul. Khreshchatyk, 30

Kyiv Ukraine 252001

Tel: 7-044-226-3027 Fax: 7-044-224-4021

Minister of Yury Kostenko

Environmental vul. Khreshchatyk, 5

Protection Kyiv Ukraine 252001

Tel: 7-044-226-2428

Fax: 7-044-229-8383

Minister of Anatoly Zlenko

Foreign Affairs Myhailivska Square, 1

Kyiv Ukraine 252018

Tel: 7-044-226-3379 Fax: 7-044-266-3169

Minister of Oleh Slepichev

Foreign Economic Lviv Square, 8

Relations & Trade Kyiv Ukraine 252053

Tel: 7-044-226-5233 Fax: 7-044-226-2629

Minister of Health Volodymyr I. Maltsev

Minister of Anatoly Holubchenko

Industry vul. Maryny Raskovoi, 15

Kyiv Ukraine 252167 Tel: 7-044-226-2623 Fax: 7-044-227-4104

Minister of Interior Volodymyr Radchenko

Minister of Andriy Vasylyshyn

Internal Affairs vul. Bohomolets, 10

Kyiv Ukraine 252024

Tel: 7-044-226-3317 Fax: 7-044-226-2004

Minister of Viktor M. Petrov

Machine Building, vul. Pushkinskaya, 6

Military Industrial Kyiv Ukraine 252034

Complex and Tel: 7-044-229-0390

Conversion Fax: 7-044-291-5153

Other National Government Points of Contact

Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations

Foreign Trade Department

8 Lvivska Ploshcha, Room 1415

Kyiv-53, 254655 Ukraine

Tel: (044) 212-5307

Fax: (044) 212-4911

Acting Chief: Semen Deoniziovich Manakh

Non-Tariff Regulations Department (License Issuance) 8 Lvivska Ploshcha, Room 1209

Kyiv-53, 254655 Ukraine

Tel: (044) 212-5341

Fax: (044) 212-4863

Department Head: Valery Vasyloiovich Repetko

State Customs Committee

Politekhnichny Provulok, 4

Kyiv-55, 252055 Ukraine

Tel: (044) 446-9241; 446-5186

Fax: (044) 446-2315

Chairman: Anatoly Viktorovich Kolos

Boryspyl Customs

Tel: (044) 296-7046

Chief: Stanislav Havrilovich Didenko

Ukrtrans Union

Vul. Saksaganskoho, 83

Kyiv, 252033 Ukraine

Tel: (044) 220-6183/6330

Fax: (044) 220-5710

Director General: Mykhailo Yliashov

State Property Fund

Vul. Sadova, 3


Tel: 7-044-226-2611

Fax: 7-044-293-4556

Deputy Chairman: Vadim V. Vasylev

State Property Fund

Department of Methodological Assistance for Foreign Investors Vul. Kutuzov, 18/9

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 7-044-295-4896

Fax: 7-044-293-4556

Chief: Aleksandr Popov

State Property Fund

Foreign Relations Department

Vul. Sadova, 3

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel/Fax: 7-044-293-3917

Chief: Oleksandr Leonidovich Kalinichenko

Agency for International Cooperation and Investments Room 601, Mykhaylivska Plosha, 1


Ukraine, 252018

Tel: 7-044-212-8487

Fax: 7-229-6014

First Deputy Chairman: Vadim Shulzhenko

International Arbitration Court of Ukraine Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Vul. Velyka Zhytomyrska, 33


254655 Ukraine

Tel: 7-044-212-3300

Fax: 7-044-212-3353

President: Ihor Havrilovich Pobyrchenko

Supreme Arbitration Court of Ukraine

Vul. Khreshchatyk, 5


252601 Ukraine

Tel: 7-044-226-3239

Fax: 7-044-228-7042

Head: Dymtro Prytyka

Regional Points of Contact in Ukraine

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dnipropetrovsk Regional Office

Vul. Vakulenchuka, 3

Dnipropetrovsk 320061

Tel: 0562-91-20-14.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Donetsk Regional Office

Prospekt Dzerzhinskogo, 12

Donetsk 340066

Tel: 0622-92-80-60.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Khmelnytskaya Regional Office

Vul. R Luksemburg, 87

Khmelnytskiy 280000

Tel: 0380- 06-50-97.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Crimea Regional Office

Vul. Naberezhnaya, 32

Simferopol, Krym Republic, 333000

Tel: 0652-27-66-41

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Lviv Regional Office

Striysky Park, 14

Lviv 290011

Tel: 0322-74-32-22.

Lviv Privatization and Conversion Commission

Kalynik, Valery, Chief, Administration of Industrial, Transport, and Communication Department

Tel: 72-48-24

Liubomir Tokar, Chief, Industrial, Transport, and Communication Department

Kharkiv City Executive Committee

Soviet Ukraine Square, 7

Kharkiv 310003.

Tel: 27-19-89

Fax: 115-233, Telex: 22-82-04.

Mikhail Pilipchuk, First Deputy Mayor

Kharkiv City Enterprise Council

Vul. Darvina, 21

310002 Kharkiv

Tel: 30-28-82

Mikhail Kaplunovsky, Chairman

Foreign Relations Department,

Tel: 45-31-86

Fax: 21-35-51

Mikhail Stanchev, Chief,

Tel: 0572-23-00-39; 0572-23-31-12

Fax: 0572-22-82-04

Telex: 115233 OZERO SU.

Vladimir T. Gavrilyuk, Chief, Industry, Transport, and

Communication Department

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