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The objective of Palms & Company is to develop poositions of leadership in Russia in food brands. We have chosen Pillsbury brands Internaitonal as one of these brands becasue the comany is committed to building leading brand franchises worldwide.

For more than 100 years Pillsbury brands have prospered in the global marketplace. Currently Pillsbury brands are aavailable in more than 55 countries. Green Giant Sweet Corn, Pillsbury Cake Mixes and Frosting, Totino's Frozen Pizza and Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes and Pancakes are among the many well-known and respected Pillsbury brands that enjoy international distribution and market

Througha network of independent and wholly owned distributors as well as joint venture companies Pillsbury products already enjoy wide distribution throughout much of the world

The key element of Palms' success however isits representatives who are nationals of the countries in which they reside and who have a knowledge of culture and business customs and able to produce concrete results in Russia, The Baltics and Central Eurasia.


Baking & Speciality Products═

The deliciousbakery and special products include flour, cake, mixes, breakfast products, pamxakes, weight control products and potato (granules, flakes, and special potatoes).

Prepared Dough Products

Pillsbury is the world leader in refrigerated dough, with exceptional products that offer consumers fresh-baked taste, convenience and portion control.

Pillsbury offers a wide variety of products including biscuits, cookies, dinner/sweet rolls, bakery items and special products.

Frozen Pizza & Microwave Snack Products

Pillsbury is the largest seller of frozen pizzas in the United States Totino's, Jeno's and Pappalo's pizza brands include main meal items, snack products and microwave products.

Pillsbury Bakeries and Food Service, Inc.

Pillsbury Bakeries and Food service, Inc. is a leading supplier of baking goods to restaurants, hotels, supermarket and convenience stores.

For more than a century consumers have purchased from Pillsbury for consistently reliable products they know they can trust.


Amng the top ten food companies in the world. Annual sales in excess of $14 billion dollars with 100,000 employees in 160 countries.

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Bakeries & Food Service

Smirnoff Vodka, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream, J& B Scotch, ALPO dog food

Bakeries & Food Service

Green Giant Vegetables

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