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Palms' Food Catalog: Syrup



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Gourmet Raspberry Syrup

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    Our Italian supplier started blending Italian Syrups in the United States in 1925. They have developed new inspired flavors and new technology and a mutual profits attitude. Their syrups flavor millions of lattes and cappuccinos in coffee houses across America. it is the syrup used the most by cafes, restaurants and specialty retail stores in the United States.

    Palms Syrup
    flavors have been manufactured by our
    Swedish supplier since 1888 and the factory was honored with an appointment as supplier to the Court and household of the King of Sweden. High quality is a family tradition.To find the best way to make syrup they went to the source of the gourmet specialty coffee industry world wide - Italy. With the help of an established Italian syrup maker,
    advantage was taken of decades of experience in manufacture of high quality syrup production. Syrup is kettle cooked in small batches to bring out the fine flavors and rich aromas that set us apart from other manufacturers. Then the syrup is packed at nearly boiling temperatures into real glass bottles to ensure product safety, longer shelf life and the very finest quality available.
    The packing line is the highest and latest
    technology, but the blending of syrups is
    done in the old and traditional way.
    Palms the micro-brewery of syrups.
  • With so many different brands appearing
    on the market today, it has become extremelydifficult to choose which syrup really is the best. Please consider these criteria

    Product format:

    Before the first syrup was made,
    conversations took place with hundreds of
    Expresso vendors, specialty coffee shop
    operators and well as coffee roasters,
    equipment manufacturers and distributors and bars and cocktail restaurants. They drew on the knowledge of many experts. Palms goal was to market the highest quality line of syrups produced. One of the most often heard complaints we heard from those using our competitors products is that their syrups curdle milk when steam was applied. With this in mind we decided to produce separate products.

    The Gold syrups are all balanced to allow
    them to be steamed directly into milk
    without curdling. These acid balanced syrups also won't increase the acidity of coffee. We also have sugar free syrups available that fall in to this category.

    The Green labeled syrups (natural fresh)
    are made of the finest natural flavors and
    designed to make the best tasting zesty,
    refreshing sodas, granitas, smoothies and
    other cold beverages.

  • The Brown labeled Tea syrups (iced tea
    caffeine free concentrate are made of pure
    tax extract for a refreshing natural tasting
    tea beverage.

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