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Russia doesn't really have any banks as we know them outside Russia.

Russian banks have ten year history of embezzeling depositors money. There is no equivalent to FDIC or FSLIC. Most of the 5000 banks which briefly came into existence between 1992 and 1998 have ceased to exist, and those which still do, have never returned their depositors money balances to them.

Together with the Central bank of Russia, the Russian banking industry has systematically eroded and confisctaed the life savings of the Russian people by devaluing the Ruble from a level of RR40 =$1.00 on 1990 to RR26,000 =$1.00 in 1999.

Almost all Russian business and people do their "banking" from bank accounts of banks outside Russia, or with cash.

Russia has no checks and credit creds are in very limited use.

Almost 60% of all American dollar currency in circulation outside The United States is in Russia. The high incidence of counterfeiting of United States Currency in Russia is what prompted the issuance of new $100, $50 and $20 bills.

The Government of Russia has been so corrupt at stealing the country from the Russian people that disobedience of Russian laws including tax regulations is viewed by the Russian population as combating crime. Truly honest merchants can survive only by disobeying their dishonest rulers.

But 99% of the estimated $300 billion to $1 trillion of the money on deposit outside Russia, belonging to Russian individuals and businesses is in the name of the ruler Nomenklatura who formerly were known as the Communist party Members who have obtained it by stealing it from the Russian Population.

This is a situation where the honest Russian people have had to become law breakers to rescue their savings from their rulers, by getting it out of Russia, which their rulers have made a crime. Accordingly U.S. and European Banks do not identify such Russians to their government ,nor are such accounts treated as illegal by anyone outside Russia. Unfortunately that also creates similar protection for the money stolen from the Russian people by their Rulers, who also keep their money outside Russia, thereby breaking their own laws as well, which is normal in Russia.

Most likely at some point in the future international organizations will take the position that if you can't prove you earned it and it is an enormous amount, it must have been stolen, even if it has been laundered. In Russia the term laundered is an oxymoron.

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