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MARKETING IN RUSSIA- The Baltics - Central Eurasia, Eastern Europe, China, The former Soivet Union.

For the past ten years, one of the functions of Palms & Company, Inc., Investment Bankers 1934-1999 has been to disseminate copies of Курс Чудес, in Russia, The Baltics, Central Eurasia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Eastern Europe and China.

The book is available in English, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, German, Spanish and Portuguese. My adopted sister Kira has been devoting her entire energy to the task of translating the English text into Russian since 1990.. The task of this important work was completed in 1999 and in October 1999 availability of copies in Russian became a reality.

I am looking for collaboration and cooperation from Russian businessmen, educators, politicians, book-shops, book distributors, student, universities, churches and all forms of NGOs and all people of good will everywhere, to help me create readership and distribution of Курс Чудес in Russsa, The Baltics, Central Eurasia, The Newly Independent States, The Commonwealth of Independent States, Eastern Europe and China.

I believe a plan for distribution of this book in these countries is quite unnecessary. It would be impossible to receive an explanation of the details which depend on things that have not yet happened, people not yet met, and events that have not yet occurred. I expect to be told what to do, in any particular instance, any time I ask.

God is the Foundation for the Course. The course needs us only in His Name. He will tell us what to do and help us do it

The Book is available in English, Russian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Hebrew

Palms & Company, Inc., Established 1934, is dedicated to the enormous challenge of creating the distribution of the Russian, German and Hebrew language version of Курс Чудес in the Former Soviet Union, The Baltics, Eastern Europe and the Chinese language version in China.

We welcome inquiries from industrialists, bankers, thrue reformers, universities, book-stores, publishers and educators and those with capital to devote to reconstruction of Russia.

We welcome support from Foundation's that are prepared to support a non-profit organization.

I invite inquiries at

Tel: 1 425 828 6774

Translation into Russian is pending.═

Palms & Company, Inc. Copyright 1998

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