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Two decade ago one could find only one store in new York that sold food for observant Muslims. This year when Muslims make the traditional biryani- meat rice and yogurt- for the Muslim feast of Eid al-Fitr which started Dec. 6th this year they will not have to travel far for ingredients.

As the Muslim population has grown in the United States of America, so too have the number of North American businesses that produce and sell foods that meet Muslim dietary requirements called halal.


Halal beef patties and fast food style chicken nuggets can now be found on the shelves of grocery chains and Palms & Company offers boned canned Halal chicken world-wide.


Like Jews who keep kosher, devout Muslims can not eat pork and can only eat meat killed in ritual slaughter. Foods processed with alcohol and non-halal animal products such as lard can also be harem, or forbidden.

The Islamic Council of America, among the few United States groups that certify halal producers, has authorized more than 200 North American businesses, ranging from small producers to corporations whose product lines include goods for export to Muslim countries.


There is a tremendous demand for Palms Halal Canned Boned Chicken. International sales remain the largest source of profits for Palms & Company, Inc., but that could change. Palms & Company expects sale of Halal products to reach a level of $6 billion dollars in the United States.The number of Muslims is expected eventually to exceed the number of Jews in the United States. Kosher food alreayd has about $6 billion in annual sales in the united States.

The Muslim population in the United States now estimated at 6 million.

The Hala industry poses some special challenges. Islamic dietary laws are complex, especially when applied to mass food production. Some Muslims will only eat animals slaughtered by hand by a Muslim who recites a blessing in the name of Allah as he kills the animal. All the blood must then be drained from the carcass before it is processed.


However, other Muslims will except mechanical slaughter in poultry processing, for example, as long as the blessing is said while the animals are killed. Another group prefers that the plant where the food is produced faces Mecca, Islam's holiest site. And some believe the blessing for the animal need only be said just before eating.

Palms & Company is prepared to meet the most exacting standard of Halal and to earn the symbol of - a crescent and letter "M"- on packaging.

We look forward to meeting your requirements.

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Canned food may have been around 
for over 200 years, but its still a big part of todays food, lifestyle and nutrition trends.

In fact, canned food can be linked to three of todays most significant trends; functional nutrition, demand for more flavor and time-saving solutions for the table. 

Design a label for this can and win $1,000

Round Can
height: 4 11/16t inches 12 centimeters
Diameter: 3 14/16th inches 10 centimeters

LABEL: Palms Poultry or Private brand 
labeling to your specifications

ALSO  MARKED:  Ready to Eat

ALSO TEXT: :This Boned Chicken if fully 
cooked and ready to use.

It may be eaten cold, heated in broth
creamed or used in soups, casseroles,
sandwiches and salads

For details of quality Assurances and Specification please click her


Price $2.17 per pound (completely boned = equivalent of $1.09 per pound for boned chicken ) 
Special offer 16,800 shipping boxes of  24 cans  each of 29 US ounces (833 grams) available.  
Total quantity:  403200 cans
Weight per can 1.81 pounds US. Price per can $3.93
Total Price:  $1,572,480

Canned boned poultry (commodity) produced from the classes of chickens and
turkeys (poultry) described in the Specification will be packaged and 24 cans packed in 
fiberboard shipping container. Weight 44 pounds (20 kilograms.  

OR, Fifty ounces (1.42 kg) of commodity also available, packaged in a
404 x 700 size metal can and packed 12 cans in each fiberboard shipping container. 

Terms: Wire transfer with order.



The U.S. Government Commodity Procurement Branch annually purchases approximately 175 million pounds of poultry and egg products, totaling about $150 million.. 

The U.S. Government will assist in providing certification for exports of poultry to Russia. 

Since the canned boned poultry program was announced on December 16,
1997, The U.S. Government has purchased 1,388,000 pounds of canned boned poultry.

US Government distributed 1.4 billion of pounds of food worth over $700 million in 1991


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