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The simplest and also the most effective way to search all of the documents on the Palms & Company site for the occurance of key words, writers, and articles is to use

but before going there, browse below to get exact results and to save youself tons of time. The tricks we show you below will add GREAT POWER to your search methods for whatever.

1. Specifically, use the Alta Vista Advanced Query Form. It has two form windows:

2. In the first window, "Selection Criteria" place your key word(s) in lower case only to designate what you are looking for. Examples: capital, export, import, etc.


Search and Display the Results
Selection Criteria: Please use Advanced Syntax (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR).

3. In the second window, "Results Ranking Criteria", limit the search to Palms & Company documents by entering:

Results Ranking Criteria: Documents containing these words will be listed first.

Start date: End date: e.g. 21/Mar/96


4. So after filling in the two windows, simply click the submit query button. Bingo, you will get a short, highly pertinent list, not an index of 100,000 items which will take a lifetime to look at. This means that the first page of "hits" will be only or mostly from the Palms & Company site or its mirror sites. There may well be 100,000 other hits for your keyword but they will all be listed AFTER the Palms & Company hits, saving you two or three lifetimes of trying to browse 100,000 pages. Clicking on any of those pages which are listed will bring you right back to the Palms & Company website. By using the back and forward buttons on your browser, you can quickly scan all of the documents on the Alta Vista Results List.

5. Once you have called up a Palms & Company page from your "hit list", use your Explorer or Netscape Navigator browser FIND function under the EDIT command on the menu bar along the top of your browser window. Just enter in the keyword in the little box which opens up and when you click OK, the browser will take your cursor to the first instance of the key word (and other instances if you want to scroll to them).


The Help button at Alta Vista Advanced Query will give you all sorts of clever ideas about how to conduct keyword searches.

The simplest and most powerfully effective rules are:

1. Never use UPPER CASE unless you only want an exact match of upper case occurances (lower case returns all forms).

2. Use quotes to bring back matching phrases; words in quotes bring back only the occurances of those phrases, such as: "Atlantis Rising Magazine"

3. If you are using more than one key word at a time, use AND to force Alta Vista to bring back pages which only have BOTH keywords by typing:

  • gadget AND america
  • 4. To force Alta Vista to omit pages with certain things on it, use NOT by typing:

  • gadget AND america NOT automobile
  • These four rules are all you really need almost all of the time!!! Practice them a bit and you will astound your friends, family, and co-workers with your lightning ability to sleuth out the most obscure things.


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