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Russia agrees to tackle Vietnam's trade deficit 

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Russia agrees to tackle Vietnam's trade deficit: 

As trade between Viet Nam and Russia grows, the two countries are looking to increase Vietnamese exports and reduce its trade deficit, according to Russian ambassador Andrei Tatarinov.

Russia will import more Vietnamese "traditional products," particularly farm produce, Tatarinov told the Vietnam News Agency in a recent interview. but the real target is to sell Russian feertilizer to Vietnam

Two-way trade between the nations grew by 23 per cent to US$700 million last year, with Russia's exports estimated at $422 million, the diplomat said.

The two countries may extend their partnership to the coal industry in Quang Ninh, Tatarinov said. He recalled Russia's consistent historic role as Viet Nam's largest energy partner, especially in building thermo and hydroelectric power plants.

But the countries ties extend to the cultural sector too, and the ambassador promised more Russian artistic troupes will come to perform in Viet Nam in 2003.

They may also join in cultural events, such as the Hue Festival.

He said he was impressed by the progress of  VietNam's economic reforms.

Palms believes China could be persuaded to play a role in reducing Vietnam's  debt to Russia Serving as Purchasing Agents of Urea in Russia for principals/buyers, Palms believes we can
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Introduction to principals by intermediaries and agents will be honored

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