How Chinese Brokers, Agent, Intermediaries Obtain Importers in the United States for Chinese Manufacturers

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FIRE DRAGON: The Fire Dragon is the most extroverted and competitive Dragon. He tends to push too hard and expects a lot from everyone. His criticisms are objective and he has the ability to arouse massive popular support. His insatiable ambition can make him short-tempered and intolerant. He is an empire builder who needs to master his less favorable traits and learn how to communicate more humbly with people as individuals.

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We appreciate your inquiry in which you advise that you have as clients,
Chinese manufacturers who are looking for importers, distributors and
wholesalers in the United States to which they can export their
production. Your expression of interest in cooperation  and collaboration 
with our company is acknowledged and I look forward to exploring possibilities 
with you to have you represent our services to Chinese manufacturers.

I visited Nanhai and Hong Kong in May 2002 staying at the White Swan 
and Harbour Plaza hotels and meeting with owners of Chinese aluminium 
industry. I believe there is a large market among the more than 10 
million businesses in the United states, to become importers,
distributors and wholesalers of products manufactured in China

We provide "Export Marketing Services" for Chinese Manufacturers who
wish to establish importers, wholesalers and distributors of their
products in the United States, which has more than ten million 
business. These services are described at:

We would consider collaborating and cooperating with you as our agent in
China if it would be of interest to you to market our services to
Chinese Manufacturers.

The cost of our services is 6% of the annual sales volume that the Chinese
manufacturers wishes to generate in the United States. It is paid
at the beginning of our engagement to pay for the advertising and marketing
activities we will conduct to generate the sales consisting of:




Chinese manufacturers can reasonably expect to create 1600% in sales 
of the amount they budget for their advertising budget. You firm would 
be paid  a negotiable percentage of the advertising budget we
receive from the Chinese manufacturers as a fee for obtaining
the client for us.

To assist you with this work you may translate into Cantonese and Mandarin
our websites and we will publish them with your email address on the search engines in China
and the trade-boards.

We can also offer your clients in China our "Purchasing Agent" Services for
any products manufactured in the United States. These services are
described at:

You can find other pertinent information about our advertising and marketing
services which we can perform for Chinese companies at:

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and responsible citizenship in new and established 
democracies around the world. The CIVITAS consortium 
is composed of individuals, non-governmental 
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Additional references in China can be provided to you if you wish to have them
We also have a representative in Hong Kong.

Branches in Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union

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