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an essay by Dr. Pyotr Johannevich van de Waal Palms

1. There are no coincidences

At present we experience a profound sense of dissatisfaction and restlessness with the way things are. We are looking for more fulfillment. This restlessness is what's behind the "me-first' attitude that has characterized recent decades. Learning how to find such fulfillment occurs when we become conscience of the apparent 'coincidences' in our lives. and discover they are not coincidences. We are discovering that coincidences mean something. This awareness is the first clue to fulfillment.

2. Awareness is Real

We are in the process of structuring a new world view reflecting this new awareness. This idea seems more valid once we see the historical background to our awareness. History is more the evolution of thought than of technology. What people are feeling and thinking is more important than what is happening. At the end of the sixteenth century we became preoccupied with creating a secular and economic security to replace the spirtitual security we had previously had, but lost. History shows that for the following 400 years we have been preoccupied with an attempt to define the universe by means of scientific method. We decided to master this place.

Getting those answers has taken longer than expected so we became preoccupied with settling into the world and making ourselves comfortable. We concentrated on using the earth's resources to better our lives. We pushed aside the original question scientific method was supposed to answer. Why are we Alive. Working to establish physical comfort grew to feel complete and of itself a reason to live.

Present dissatisfaction and restlessness results from the fact that we now have accomplishing what we collectively had set out to do. A 400 year old obsession has been completed. The preoccupation is breaking down and we are waking up to something else. To consider our original question. What's behind life on this planet? Why are we really here? We have created the means of material security and now we are ready to find out why we have done it.

The scientific method assumed that the universe always operated in a predictable manner because for a long time that was all that could be proven. Events without causal relationship were said to occur by chance. Then came quantum mechanics and the findings of Einstein. The whole of Einsteins's work was to show that what we perceive as hard matter is mostly empty space with a pattern of energy running through it. What quantum physics has shown is that when we look at patterns of energy, the act of observation itself can alter results, as if these elementary particles are influenced by what the experimenter expects. In other words the basic stuff of the universe is looking like pure energy that is malleable to human intentions and expectations that defies previous models of the universe, as though our expectations itself causes our energy to flow out into the world and effect our energy systems.

3. We are about to discover that the universe is comprised of one dynamic energy which forms the basis of, and radiates outward from all things, including ourselves.

Human perception of this energy first begins with a heightened sensitivity to beauty because they are on the same continuum. We can effect others by what we do with the energy that belongs to us and that we can control.

4. We have been cut off from the larger source of this energy.

We have always sought to increase this energy by psychologically stealing it from the only part of this energy we have been open to, the part that flows between people. All human conflict is the result of unconscious competition about the shortage of and manipulation of this energy. We are about to discover how to receive our energy from another source.

5. All of the universe is energy and by loving and appreciating it we can draw energy from it at will.

Energy brings on coincidences, that is, occurences beyond chance so that we feel as though we are attaining what destiny is leading us to become. The unconscious evolutionary process is becoming conscious.

6. Connecting With Universal Energy

Before we can connect with energy on a constant basis we must pass one more hurdle, we must face up to the particular way we have sought to control others to acquire the energy that flows between people and switch to the alternative energy source which exists. We must also wake up to who we really are. Then we naturally connect to the beauty surrounding us and breath in its energy. Love is a background emotion that exists when one is connected to the energy available in the universe. Love is a check on energy absorption. The words you have habitually willed through your head in an attempt to logically control events stop when you connect to universal energy. Your intuitions feel different, they are the conscious engagement of evolution to start evolution flowing to produce the coincidences which are the signals to your destiny, which lead you forward. Small questions always pertain to your life quest.

When you attain the state of love nothing or anyone can pull more energy from you than you can replace. In a state of love, the energy flowing out of your creates a current that pulls energy into you at the same rate.

7. Recognize The Answers As They Arrive

consciously evolving yourself requires staying alert to every coincidence, every answer the universe provides to you. Let your perception of beauty and iridescence lead your way. Places and people who have answers for you will appear more luminous and attractive. Dreams, thoughts and daydreams come to tell us something about our lives that we are missing. They alert us to be ready for something. When a thought comes, ask why. An observer position on thoughts helps us to release our need to control everything. Halt fear thoughts by willing through the mind another image with good outcome. Soon negative images will be come rare. Take subsequent negative images as a warning to avoid something.

To grasp this one must pull all these insights into one way of being. The Universe provides everything if we get clear and on the path. Thoughts provide clues, and coincidences then occur that provide movement.

All energy flows come through other people. Others will bring answers to us. Not all will have the energy or clarity to reveal what they have for us. We must help them by sending them energy. We do that with love.

8 Interpersonal Energy - Using Energy In A New Way - How Will We Act

We can increase the frequency of guiding coincidences by uplifting every person that comes into our lives. How we approach others determines how quickly our life questions are answered. Energizing others is the fastest way to receive the message they bring for us. When we appreciate and focus upon a person, we can send them energy, lifting them up, and more energy flows into us from the Universe with which to do it. The recipient of that energy can see what their truth is and more readily give that truth to you. This relationship is entirely different from a co-dependent relationship which steals energy from each other. Real energy projection has no attachment or intention. All participants are just waiting for messages. Remember also the universe is energy, energy that responds to our expectations. People are part of that energy, so when we have a question, the people show up who have the answers. Watch for signs of message carriers, usually members of the same thought groups and interests. Telepathy is perfectly natural. Speak when the energy of others moves to you. Interact consciously. Project energy to others when it is someone else's time to speak.

9. Where Are We Going - How Human Culture Will Change

Bringing out the best in others rather than have power over them, is a posture the entire human race will eventually adopt. Think of how everyone's energy and pace of evolution will increase at that point. How this will change human culture.

Forests will go un-cut so they can build energy. Humans will live typically among 500 year old trees. Foodstuffs, clothing and transportation will be automated. Our needs will be met without the exchange of currency. Guided by their intuitions everyone will know precisely what to do and when to do it, and this will fit harmoniously with the actions of others. No one will consume excessively because we will have let go of the need to possess and to control for security. In the next millennium, life will become about something else. Our sense of purpose will be satisfied by the thrill of our own conscious evolution by the elation of receiving intuitions and then watching closely as our destinies unfold. Until now many visionaries have spoken of this. Marx spoke of it. Now finally it is about to happen because our obsession with control has ended.

We're here on this planet not to build personal empires of control, but to evolve. If we are correctly following our intuitive guidance then we will take only what we need. Giving is really a universal principle. When we give, we receive in return because of the way energy interacts in the universe. Remember when we project energy into someone else this creates a void in ourselves which, if we are connected, fills up again. Money works exactly the same way. Once we begin to give constantly, we will always have more coming in than we could possibly give away. Our money should go to those who bring us spiritual truth. When people come into our lives at just the right time to give us the answers we need, we should give them money. As more people engage in the spiritual economy we will ease out of the occupations which limit us and we will then begin a real shift into the culture of the next millennium.

To understand this we have to visualize the next millennium the way we looked at the last one. The early signs of change will be a dramatic movement of individuals from one occupation to another. There will be an automation of the production of goods. This will free time for other endeavors. The truth we have to tell and things we have to do are too unique to fit within a usual job setting. Incomes will remain stable because people will give money to those who provide insights. Money works the same way as energy. Interaction will become our new economic orientation. Automation would free us to expand what is already the information age.

The important difference now is that we understand where we are going. Before we could not release our fear of scarcity and our need for control. We could not release it because we had no view of life that served as an alternative. Now we do!

All of human history has prepared us to achieve conscious evolution. We can now increase our energy and experience the coincidences consciously. This carries evolution onward at a faster pace lifting our vibrations higher to the ultimate process that living is all about, creating our collective "Will of God" on Earth and opening ourselves up to a Heaven that is already before us. We will literally walk into heaven in our same present form.

Happy journey.


This essay is based on the concepts and philosophies expressed in "The Celestime Prophesy" by James Redfield, "The Course in Miracles", "Abraham Speaks" and "The Truth".



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