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an essay by Dr. Johannevich van de Waal Palms

You must become in more deliberate control of your own experiences, which is entirely determined by your thoughts or attitude and feelings.

If you feel 'lack of' in the 'NOW', your "NOW' will remain unchanged. Just as the artist gains his satisfaction, not from the finished work, but from the doing of the work, you must grasp the concept of 'joyous becoming'. Like the farmer who has planted his seeds, 99% of your creation is complete before you ever see any physical evidence of it.

How much of what you get is controlled by you? All of it. How many of the events that you participate in are as a result of your choices? All of them. How many of the people who are part of your daily experience are brought to you, by you? Every one of them. What percentage of your experience do you have control over? 100%. How many others are currently creating in your experience? None. How many others have responsibility for what is happening to you? Not one other. What part do odds or fate or luck play in your experience? None. Who is the absolute, and only, creator of your experience? YOU ARE!

Recognize that whenever you feel negative emotion, your Inner Being is saying two things to you: First. "There is something that is important to you, here! Second. "You are focused in the opposite direction of what you want"

You exist in a universe where absolute freedom abounds, and you are free. You are so free that every thought that you offer affects your individual experience. There is not greater freedom than that.

You cannot act from a negative viewpoint to fix something that is wrong. If you feel negative you create a negative outcome. It is the feeling offered that attracts its equal.

To stand in your 'NOW' with 'joyous becoming' of what is to come, is infinitely more satisfying than to stand in your 'NOW', looking back, retracing your steps as to how you got where you are. Take responsibility for the experience you are having.

You are here to create. You are not here to discover the path that someone else has laid before you. You are the creator of your path. You are not here as a seeker of those who have discovered truths, that you may now follow in their footsteps. You are truth - seeking a path of joy and growth.

Do not measure progress by the physical trappings you have gathered. The ultimate trophy is JOY. All of the having and all of the doing is for the enhancement of your state of being. Everything that exists is for that sole purpose. It is all for the sake of enhancing the way you FEEL. Your creating is the conscious, deliberate offering of thought with the intent of uplifting the state of being.

Give up negative thought and you will stop creating what you don't want. Change the thought and the evidence will vanish.

Physical action did not bring you to where you are. Your thoughts did! What you defend against becomes your experience. That which you worry about becomes your experience. That which you prepare against becomes your experience. The emotions you feel are guidance from your Inner Being. Nothing is more important than you "feel" good.

Your future is created from your perspective of today. Everything that happens to you, everything, without exception, is by virtue of the combination of intentions and beliefs that you hold.

Action is the way you enjoy what you have made happen through your thought. No amount action can compensate for inappropriate thought. Use the power of your thought and the power of your expectation to prepare the thing - so that it does not take so much action.

Nothing bad will ever happen to you as you understand that it is only giving thought to those things that attracts them. If you spend a lifetime worrying about something it usually happens to you, sooner or later. Or if you spend a little bit of time intensely focused upon something, you can bring it about - good or bad.

You are in the very best position that you will ever be, of knowing what you do want when you are feeling strong emotion of what you don't want.

Seek joy and all other things will be inspired from that place.



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