31,000,000 Americans became age 65 in 2011. That has  added $310 billion dollars to the annual budget of the United States not including the cost of Medicare and Medicaid benefits, which young American will have to pay for. It took 198 years for the U.S. Government to borrow the first trillion dollars. Then, in just another 12 years, mostly under the Reagan ministration, it borrowed another three trillion. By the first year of the George W. Bush Administration, even before the terrorist attack on September 11, the federal debt had risen to over $5.8 trillion. By 2010 it had risen to $202 trillion, when all liabilities are included.

  It is difficult to comprehend such numbers. If you had a stack of $100 bills 40 inches high, you would be a millionaire. $202 trillion would rise over 127 thousand miles into space. By the time you read this, after the expenditures of subsequent administrations that stack has reached the moon.

  By 2006, gross interest payments on the national debt were running $406 billion per year. That consumed 17% of all federal revenue. It now represents the governments largest single expense; greater than defense; larger than the combined cost of the departments of Agriculture, Education, Energy, Housing, and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, Labor, State, Transportation and Veteran affairs

  These charges are not paid by the government; they are paid by you. You provide the money through taxes and inflation. The cost currently is about $5,000 for each family of four. All families pay through inflation but not all pay taxes. The cost of each taxpaying family therefore is higher. On average over $5,000 is extracted from your family each year, not to provide government services or even to pay off previous debt. Nothing is produced by it, not even roads or government buildings. No welfare or medical benefits come out of it. No salaries are paid by it. The nations standard of living is not raised by it. It does nothing but pay interest.

Furthermore the interest is compounded, which means, even if the government were to completely halt its deficit spending, the total debt would continue to grow as a result of interest on that portion which already exists. In 2006 interest on the national debt was already consuming 39% of all the revenue collected by personal income taxes.

  Amazing, isnt it? Without interest on the national debt we could save enough to cut our personal income taxes by a third and we could reduce corporate taxes as well. Unfortunately, under present policies and programs, that is not going to happen, because Congress does not live within its income. Many expenses are paid, not from taxes, but from selling government bonds and going deeper into debt each year. So, even if we could save enough to slash personal income taxes, it would not be enough. The government would still go into the red to keep its present life style. However if a reduction in the size and scope of the bureaucracy were accomplished at the same time, personal and corporate income taxes could be eliminated and the government would have an annual surplus.

  By 2008, outlays of the federal government were one-fourth of the nations economy. More people now work for government than for all manufacturing companies in the private sector. There are more bank regulators than bankers, more farm-bureau workers than farmers, more welfare administrators than recipients. More citizens receive government checks than those who pay income taxes.

  By 2010 the average federal worker was earning 60% more than the average worker in the private sector. By 1992 more than half of all federal outlays went for entitlements

  Normally with contracts for future obligations like private insurance company pension plans, annuities, life insurance, the issuer is required by law to accumulate money into a fund to make sure that there will be enough available to make the payments when future payments become due. The federal government does not does not abide by those laws. The funds exist on paper only. The money that comes in for future obligations is immediately spent and replaced by government IOU. So as those future payments become due, all the money must come from revenue being collected at that time.

  (600 additional pages and 210 items of bibliography available about oil prices, hyper inflation, Economic meltdown of 2011, collapse of banking industry, oil prices denominated in other than dollars,  new gold backed currencies (not the dollar) of two other nations ,  gold prices to $5,000.

  1/6th of 1% of the American public now earns more than 50% of the total income of the nations. One in every 2000 people earns as much as the remaining 1999 earn.

Only corruption can accomplish that.  It has nothing to do with capitalism or democracy, which we do not have. Our Government is a republic. The ones the people elect to make the laws make the laws. The people do not. The ones the people elected, represent the 1% that paid the campaign funds for their election costs. Those who pay the election costs pay them for both parties.

  A banking crisis and massive bailouts have already come to pass. The still unfolding scenario includes hyperinflation. collapse of the economy, a new global currency, domestic violence, U.N. "Peacekeeping" forces in the U.S. , and the arrival of high-tech feudalism. Details at page 537 to 564.

There is no optimistic scenario. Events have progressed too far for that. Even if we begin to turn things around by forcing Congress to cut spending and reduce the debt and disentangle from UN treaties, The Cabal will not let go without a ferocious fight.When the Second Bank of the United States was struggling for its life in 1834 Nicholas Biddle, who controlled it, set about to cause as much havoc in the economy as possible and then to blame it on President Jackson's anti-bank policies. By suddenly tightening credit and withdrawing money from circulation, he triggered a full scale national depression. At the height of his attack, he declared; "All other banks and all the merchants may break, but the Bank of the United States shall not break." The amount of devastation that could be caused by today's Federal reserve is infinitely greater than what Biddle as able to unleash. It would be pure self-deception to think that the Cabal would give up its power without exercising that option. We must conclude that no one is going to get out of this unscathed. There is hell to pay, and it is we who are going to pay it.

What has this go to do with the Federal Reserve System? The answer is that the Federal Reserve is the starting point of the pessimistic scenario. The chain of events starts with fiat money created by the central bank which leads to government debt, which causes inflation, which destroys the economy, which impoverishes the people, which provides an excuse for increasing government power, which is an on going process culminating in totalitarianism. Eliminate the Federal Reserve from this equation and the pessimistic scenario ceases to exist. That is the seventh and final reason to abolish the Fed. It is an instrument of totalitarianism.

Is it realistic to realistic to believe that the current trends can actually be reversed ? Isn't it just fantasy to think that anything can be done at the late date to break the CFR 's hold over government, media, and education? Do we really expect the gum chewing public to go upstream against the indoctrination of newspapers, magazines, television and movies? The battle has progressed far and our position is not good. if we are to reverse the present trends we must be prepared to make a Herculean effort. If you want to know what must be done, first read pages 567 to 572. So much for things not to do. There are certain things that must precede abandonment of the Fed if we are to have a safe passage. Read pages 573 to 588 

SYNOPSIS 2 hour 8 minute film

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. 

Funded at a cost of three million dollars

  Describes the Global Economic meltdown of 2012-2013


Duane Elgin, Nassim Haramein, Steven Greer, Jack Kasher, Daniel Sheehan, Adam Trombly, Brian O'Leary, Vandana Shiva, John Gatto, John Robbins, Deepak Chopra, David Icke, Catherine Austin Fitts, G. Edward Griffin, Bill Still, John Perkins, Paul Hawken, Aqeela Sherrills, Evon Peter, Angel Kyodo Williams, Elisabet Sahtouris, Amy Goodman, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.


In order to make THRIVE accessible to a worldwide audience, the movie has been dubbed in 9 additional languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

Describes the Global Economic meltdown of 2012-2013

For additional free video programs on this subject visit

  * Cyber War , for which there is no Defense, Replaces Nuclear War
By Richard Clarke, White House Counter-terrorist staff (for 4 years)

 * Interplanetary Internet Network
Vice President of Google, Vince Serf addressing
National Aeronautical & Space Administration Information Summit Meeting

*Who now owns United States Government
1/6 of 1% of American Population now receives 50%
of total annual income of the United States

  * 10,000,000 Americans loose their homes through foreclosures, unable to pay deliberately exaggerated overvalued mortgages. 10,000,000 Americans loose their homes through foreclosures. Bond Rating agencies over value them by changing the formula for appraisal valuation increases equivalent to perpetual annual  5% valuation increases in the economic values without further requirement of increasing incomes within the economy; add home owners credit card bills and home improvements to the mortgage to induce home owners to refinance; encourage home owners to overstate income earnings, without verification, to qualify the home owner; then combine parts of each mortgage with hundreds of others and sell them as a CDO (Collateral Debt Obligation) rated triple A, by the largest financial firms in America, to city governments world wide who did not understand what they were buying, and you create a Global Economic Meltdown and bankrupt cities. No one can identify who owns the mortgage, prevents foreclosures  1 hour video by CNBC 's David Faber


What is the Federal Reserve System? The answer may surprise you

It is not federal and there are no reserves. Furthermore the Federal Reserve Banks are not even banks. The key to this riddle is to be found, not at the beginning of the story, but in the middle. Since this is not a textbook, we are not confined to a chronological structure. The subject matter is not a curriculum to be mastered, but a Mystery to be solved. So let us start where the action is.


THE JOURNEY TO JEKYLL ISLAND                                                                   page 3

              The secret meeting on Jekyll Island in Georgia at which the Federal Reserve was conceived; the birth of a banking cartel to protect its members from competition; the strategy of how to convince Congress and the public that this cartel was an agency of the United States government Chapter content:

            Concentration of Wealth

            Destination Jekyll Island

            The Story Is Confirmed

            The Structure was Pure Cartel

            The Specter of Bank failure

            Currency Drains

            A  Bankers Utopia

            The Cartel Adopts a Name

            The Message Was Plain for Those Who Understood

            Myth Accepted as History

            First Reason to Abolish the System



2. THE NAME OF THE GAME IS BAILOUT                                                    page 25

The analogy of a spectator sporting event as a means of explaining the rules by which taxpayers are required to pick up the cost of bailing out the banks when their loans go sour Chapter content

                        Rules of The Game

                        The Perpetual-Debt Play

                        The Debt Roll-over Play                      

                        The Up-The-Ante Play

                        The Rescheduling Play

                        The Protect-The-Public Play

                        The Guaranteed-Payment-Play

                        Prosperity through Insolvency

                        The FDIC Play

                        Real Insurance Would Be A Blessing

                        The FDIC Will Never Be Adequately Funded




3. PROTECTORS OF THE PUBLIC                                                                  Page 41

The Bailout game as applied to real life in Penn Central, Lockheed, New York City, Chrysler, Commonwealth Bank of Detroit, First Pennsylvania Bank, Continental Illinois, ; and beginning in 2004 literally all major banks, AIG , automobile companies, and even banks in other nations. Chapter content examples of previous bailouts

                        Penn Central

                        The Public Be Damned


                        New York City


                        Commonwealth Bank of New York

                        First Pennsylvania Bank

                        Continental Illinois

                        Worlds First Electronic Bank Run

                        The Final Bailout Package

                        Small Banks Be Damned

                        The Sub Prime Meltdown

                        Collapse of the House Of Cards

                        $799 Billion Bank bailout (Or Was It $5 trillion ?)

                        Billions for the Auto Makers

                        Taxpayers Pay To Send Their Jobs Overseas

                        Merrill Lynch: A Gift to Bank of America

                        An Icon for Conflict of Interest

                        Bonuses become a Distraction

                        The Repayment Scam

                        Nationalization becomes A Reality

                        The System Already Is Global                

The Saga Continues

                        Second Reason to Abolish the Federal reserve system



4. HOME SWEET HOME                                                                                      page  67

The history of increasing government intervention in the housing industry; the stifling of free-market forces in residential real estate; the resulting crisis in the S&L industry; the bailout of that industry with money taken from the taxpayer.

                        Socialism Takes Root in America

                        A House on Every Lot

                        Abandonment of the Free Market

                        Insurance for the Common Market

                        Full faith and Credit

                        An Invitation to Fraud

                        The Fallout Begins

                    The FED Usurps the Role of Congress

                        The Estimates Are Slightly Wrong

                        Bookkeeping Slight of hand

                        Accounting Gimmicks are not Fraud

                        Junk Bonds Are Not Junk

                        Capital Growth without Bank Loans or Inflation

                        Real Problem is Government regulation

                        Congress Is Paralyzed With Good reason

                        A Cartel Within A Cartel



5. NEARER TO HEARTS DESIRE                                                                        page 85

The 1944 meeting in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, at which the worlds most prominent socialists established the International Monetary Fund and the World bank as mechanisms for eliminating gold from world finance; the hidden agenda behind the IMF/World Bank revealed as the building of world socialism; the role of the Federal reserve in bringing that about


                        BRETTON WOODS: An Attack on Gold

                        The Fabian Society

                        Communist Moles

                        IMF Structure And Funding

                        Paper Gold

                        Gold Is Finally Abandoned

                        Trade Deficits

                        Counterfeit options

                        IMF Loans: Doomed But Sweet

                        The Hidden Agenda: World Socialism

                        Austerity Measures and Scapegoats

                        Financing Corruption and Despotism

                        Financing Famine and Genocide

                        Reason To Abolish The Federal Reserve

                        Getting Rich Fighting Poverty

                        Converting Money into failure




6. BUILDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER,                                                     page  107

The Game-Called-Bailout reexamined and shown to be far more than merely a means of getting taxpayers to foot the cost of bad loans; the final play revealed as the merger of all nations into world government; the unfolding of that strategy as applied in Panama , Mexico , Brazil , Argentina , China , Eastern Europe , and Russia


                        The Final Play

                        Council on Foreign relations Sets Strategy

                        A Rare Glance at the Inner Workings



                        Currency Swap

                        Debt Swap

                        IMF becomes Final Guarantor



                        The Need for Convergence

                        The Great Deception

                        Communists Become Social Democrats

                        Eastern Europe


                        Business ventures in Russia Insured by U. S.

                        The Conspiracy Theory



II A CRASH COURSE ON MONEY                                                                 page   133

The eight chapters contained in this and the following section deal with material that is organized by topic , not chronology. Several of them will jump ahead of events that are not covered until later. Furthermore, the scope is such the reader may wonder what, if any, is the connection with the Federal reserve System. Please be patient. The importance will eventually become clear. It is the authors intent to cover concepts and principles before looking at events. Without this background, the history of the Federal Reserve is boring, with it, the story emerges as an exciting drama which profoundly affects our lives today. So let us begin this adventure with a few discoveries about the nature of money


            7. THE BARBARIC METAL                                                               Page     135

The history and evolution of money; the emergence of gold as the universal money supply; the attempts by governments to cheat their subjects by chipping or debasing gold coins, the reality that any quantity of gold will suffice for a monetary system and that more money does not require more gold.



                        What is Money?

                        A Working Definition

                        Barter (Pre-Money)

                        Commodity Money

                        Metals as Money

                        The Supremacy of Gold

                        The Misleading Theory of Quantity

                        Gold guarantees Price Stability

                        Cigarettes as Money

                        Natural law No 1

                        Expanding the Money Supply by Coin Flipping

                        Gold is the enemy of the Welfare State

                        Real Commodity Money is History

                        Bad Commodity Money in History

                        Receipt Money

                        Natural Law No. 2



            8. FOOLS GOLD FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING             Page      155

The history of paper money without precious-metal forces on the public by government decree; the emergence of our present day fractional-reserve banking system based upon the issuance of a greater amount of receipts for gold than the bank has in gold to back them up


                        Fiat Money

                        The Colonial Experience

                        A Classic Pattern

                        The Printing Press and Inflation

                        A Blessing in Disguise

                        Tobacco Becomes Money

                        War brings a return of Fiat Money

                        And A Massive Inflation

                        Inflation is a Hidden tax

                        Enter Price Controls and Legal tender laws

                        Enter Economic Chaos and Insurrection

                        Natural law No. 3

                        Fractional Money

                        Deposits are not available for Lending

                        Fractional Reserve Banking

                       Creating Money Out of Debt

                       Natural economic Law No 4



            9. THE SECRET SCIENCE                                                               Page        171

The condensed history of fractional reserve banking; the unbroken record of fraud, booms, busts ,and economic chaos; the formation of the Bank of England, the worlds first central bank, which became the model for the federal reserve System

                        The Bank of Venice

                        The bank of Amsterdam

                        The Bank of Hamburg

                        Early Banking in England

                        The Bank of England

                        The Secret Science of Money

                        From Inflation to bank Runs

                        The Pattern of Protection was set

                        Booms and Busts Now Guaranteed

                        In defense of the Gold Standard

                        Depression and Reform

                        The Roller Coaster Continues

                        The Mechanism Spreads to Other Countries





           10. THE MANDRAKE MECHANISM                                                Page     185

The method by which the Federal reserve creates money out of nothing; the concept of usury as the payment of interest on pretended loans; the true cause of the hidden tax called inflation; the way in which the Fed creates boom-bust cycles.

                        The Federal Reserve is candid

                        Money would vanish without debt

                        Whats wrong with a Little Debt?

                        Third Reason to Abolish the System

                        Who Creates the Money to Pay the interest

                        Understanding the Illusion

                        The Mandrake Mechanism: An overview

                        The Discount Window

                        The Open market Operation

                         Reserve Ratios

                        National debt Not Necessary for Inflation

                        Taxes Not Even necessary

                        Fourth reason to Abolish the System

                        A Tool for Social Planning

                        Redistribution of wealth

                        Expansion leads to contraction



III . THE NEW ALCHEMY                                                                         Page           215

The ancient alchemists sought in vain to convert lead into gold. Modern alchemists have succeeded in that quest. The lead bullets of war have yielded endless sources of gold for those magicians who control the Mandrake mechanism. The startling fact emerges that , without the ability to create printed fiat money, most  modern wars simply would not have occurred. As long as the mechanism is allowed to function, future wars are inevitable. This is the story of how that came to pass.


            11. THE ROTHSCHILD FORMULA                                              Page         217

The rise of the House of Rothschild in Europe ; the tradition among financiers of profiting from both sides of the armed conflict; the formula by which war is converted into debt and debt converted back into war

                        The Profits of War

                        The Rothschild Dynasty

                        A Fortune in Smuggling

                        Napoleon VS The Bankers

                        A Plan to destroy The United States

                        Gold for the Duke of Wellington

                        The Battle of Waterloo


                        The Formula

                        Perpetual War in Eighteenth Century England



            12 SINK THE LUSITANIA                                                                                 Page    235

The role of J.P. Morgan in providing loans to England and France in World War I; the souring of these loans as it became apparent that Germany would win; the betrayal of a British ship and the sacrifice of American passengers as a stratagem to bring America into the war; the use of American taxes to pay off the loans

                        An investment in War

                        German U-Boats Almost Won the War

                        Colonel House

                        A Secret Agreement to get the U.S. into War

                        Selling war to the American people

                        Morgan control over Shipping

                        The Lusitania

                        Churchill Sets a trap

                        A Floating Munitions Depot

                        The Final Voyage

                        A Mighty Explosion, A watery Grave

                        A Hurried Cover-Up

                A Cry for War




13. MASQUERADE IN MOSCOW                                                             Page      263

The secret society founded by Cecil Rhodes for the purpose of world domination; the establishment in America of a branch of that group called the Council on Foreign relations; the role played by financiers within these groups in financing the Russian revolution; the use of the red cross mission in Moscow as a cover for the maneuver.

                        Trotsky was a multiple Agent

                        The Secret Society

                        Ruskin, Rhodes, And Milner

                        The Pattern of Conspiracy

                        Round table Agents in Russia

                        An Object lesson in South Africa

                        Placing Bet on All Horses

                        British Agent of the Round table

                        American Agent of the Round Table



            14. THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY                                 Page     295


The coup detat in Russia in which the Bolshevik  minority seized control from the revolutionary majority; the role played by New York financiers, masquerading as red cross officials, in supporting the Bolsheviks; the unbroken record since then of American assistance in building Russias war-making potential; the emergence of a creditable enemy in accordance with the Rothschild Formula


                        Russia s two Revolutions

                        Popular Support was not Necessary

                        Notes from Lincoln Steffens Diary

                        Wolves behind the Mask

                        Additional Background: The Deaf Mute Blindmen

                        Aside Trip Through World War II

                        The Transfusion Mechanism

                        The new Alchemy

                        The Fifth reason to Abolish the System



IV A TALE OF THREE BANKS                                                              Page      307

It has been said that those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. It may come as a surprise to learn that the Federal Reserve System is America s fourth central bank, not its first. We have been all through this before and, each time, the result has been the same. Interested in what happened? Then lets set the coordinates of our time machine to the colony of Massachusetts and the year 1690. To activate, turn to chapter fifteen


                 15. THE LOST TREASURE MAP                                                  Page   309

The bitter experience of the American colonies with fiat money; the resolve of the founding fathers to prohibit the new nation from resorting to paper money without backing; the drafting of the Constitution to that end; the creation of a true American dollar; the prosperity that followed


                        Paper Money in the Colonies

                        Wartime Inflation

                        Price Controls and Legal-Tender Laws

                        The Constitutional Convention

                        A Suggestion to your Congressman

                        The origin of the Dollar


                        Free Coinage

                        Sound Money and Economic Prosperity



                 16. THE CREATURE COMES TO AMERICA                              Page   325

The first central bank of North America that was formed before the Constitution was drafted; the story of the First bank of the united states which as formed in 1791, the massive inflation caused by both banks; the causes of their demise

                        Functioned as a Central Bank

                        An End Run around the Constitution

                        The Hamilton Jefferson Conflict

                        America second Central Bank is Created

                        The Creature Comes from Europe

                        Inflation all over again

                        Wildcat banks

                        An instrument of Plutocracy

                        The War of 1812

                        Juggling Tricks and Banking Dreams



            I have not provided the content details of the remaining chapters 17 through 26         but they will be provided upon request


        17. THE DEN OF VIPERS                                                                           Page 341

The story of the Second Bank of The United States, the nations third central bank, the election of Andrew Jackson on an anti bank platform; the battle between President Jackson and the head of the bank, Nicholas Biddle; the deliberate creation of a depression to frighten the public into keeping the bank; Jacksons ultimate victory


        18. LOAVES AND FISHES AND CIVIL WAR                                        Page  361

Attempts to stabilize the banking system by political measures, including regulation of fractional-reserve ratios and establishing bank-failure insurance funds; the failure of such schemes; the resulting economic conditions that led up to Civil War


         19 GREENBACKS AND OTHER CRIMES                                              Page 377

The causes of the Civil War shown to be economic and political, not the issue of freedom vs, slavery; the manner in which both sides used fiat money to finance the war; the important role played by foreign powers


V. THE HARVEST                                                                                     Page 405

Monetary and political scientists continue to expound that theoretical merits of the Federal reserve System. It has become a modern act of faith and economic life that economic life simply could not go on without it. But the time for theory is past. The Creature moved into its final lair in 1913 and has snorted and thrashed about the landscape ever since. If we wish to know if it is a creature of service or beast of prey, we merely have to look at what it has done. And, after the test of those years, we can be sure that what it has done, it will continue to do. Or, to use a biblical axiom, a tree shall be known by the fruit it bears. Let us now examine the harvest.


            20 THE LONDON CONNECTION                                     Page          407

The rise of the House of Morgan; Morgan's ties with England and the House of Rothschild; the connection between the Federal reserve System and the Bank of England; The Fed's decision to inflate American dollars to assist the ailing British economy.


            21 COMPETITION IS A SIN                                                   Page          431

The story of how the New York investment bankers formed a cartel to avoid competition; the drafting of proposed legislation to legalize that cartel; the strategy to camouflage the true nature of the legislation; the failure of the deception and the defeat of the bell.


         22 THE CREATURE SWALLOWS CONGRESS                            Page         451

The second attempt to pass legislation to legalize the banking cartel; the bankers' selection of Woodrow Wilson as a Presidential candidate, their strategy to get him elected; the role played by Wilson to promote the cartel's legislation; the final passage of the Federal reserve Act.


            23 THE GREAT DUCK DINNER                                                    Page         471

How Federal Reserve policies led to the crash of 1929; the expansion of the money supply as a means of helping the economy of England; the resulting wave of speculation in stocks and real estate; evidence that the Federal Reserve


VI TIME TRAVEL INTO THE FUTURE                                             Page       505

In the previous sections of this book, we have traveled through time. We began our journey by stepping into the past. As we crisscrossed the centuries, we observed wars, treachery, profiteering, and political deception. That has brought us to the present. Now we are prepared to ride our time machine into the future. It will be a hair-raising trip, as much of what lies ahead will be unpleasant. But it has not yet come to pass. It is merely the projection of present forces. If we do not like what we see, we still have an opportunity to change these forces. The future will be what we choose to make of it.


            24. DOOMSDAY MECHANISMS                                              Page      507

The decline of American prosperity; the increase in the size of the government; the decrease in personal freedom; the growth of taxes; evidence that this is according to a plan by an elite ruling group which hopes to merge the United States into a world government on the basis of "equality" with less developed nations; the environmentalist movement shown to bean outgrowth of that plan.


            25. A PESSIMISTIC SCENARIO                                                  Page      537

A banking crisis and massive bailouts have already come to pass. The still unfolding scenario includes hyperinflation, collapse of the economy, a new global currency, domestic violence, U.N. "Peacekeeping" forces in the U.S. , and the arrival of high tech feudalism.


            26. A REALISTIC SCENARIO                                                  Page      565

What must be done if we are to avert the pessimistic scenario; list of specific measures that must be taken to stop the monetary binge; an appraisal of how severe the economic hangover will be; a checklist for personal survival- and beyond.


            A. Structure and Function of the Federal Reserve                                         Page      590

            B. Natural Laws of Human behavior in Economics                                        Page      592

            C.  Is M1 Subtractive or Accumulative                                                         Page       594     


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The Russian Company Director, CEO or Bureaucrat?, Keene

For Sanity In Russia, Forget The Phones, Keene

Russian Small Business, Check It Out!, Keene

Moving Those Goods, Snails and All!, Keene

Is There Hope After All the Bad News?, Keene

The Adventure of Russian Finance, Keene

Bad Quality in Russian Factories is Only a Myth, Keene

Where Did All the Profits Go?, Keene

Preparing a Russian Factory for Overseas Manufacturing Projects from the West, Keene, 8/97

Advice for a Russian Factory: Improving Western Business Relationships Keene, 8/97

Can You Sell for Too Much?: The AvtoVAZ Incident, Keene, 7/97

Prices vs. Accounting Practices in Former Soviet Union, Keene, 7/97

Consultant: Friend or Foe?, Keene, 7/97

Example of an Analysis of a Proposed Russian Business Project, Keene 7/97

Patrimonialism in Post-Soviet Russia, D. N. Jensen, 8/97

The Best American Books about business - Translated into Russian


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THE RUSSIAN BANKING SYSTEM SECURITIES MARKETS AND MONEY SETTLEMENTS September 1997 Dr. Pyotr Joannevich van de Waal-Palms - Mossbusinessbank - Promstroibank - Bank "Saint Petersburg" PLC - Petrovskiy Bank. (300 pages)





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