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All commentaries were written by Dr. Palms from 1995-1997. Please take note that this page has not yet incorporated the greater portion of Palms' resources which are available from the Archives of Palms-rus-list, a list-server which is available by subscription upon request to

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A compilation of 149 articles and essays dealing with Russian politics, economy, culture and regulations effecting international business.

Here are samples of articles written by Dr. Palms which are published in the Russian press. The purpose of these articles is: (1) to correct incorrect impressions created by faulty reporting in the Russian press; (2) to create an informed voting public; (3) to promote market economy concepts and relate them to the day to day standard of living of the general population in an understandable manner; (4) to create a sense of positive urgency about economic and legal reform; (5) To promulgate concepts of freedom of trade; and (6) to create a "level playing field" in policy, regulations, law,, commerce, monetary policy, etc. that will facilitate capital investment. The articles are also available in Russian.

Dr. Palms' extensive essays, programs, and recommendations concerning Russia and the CIS, which encompass hundreds of documents, are available in a distributed archive throughout the world. These can be accessed in a variety of ways through FTP, gopher, and WEB sites. These sites are being compiled. Dr. Palms plans to archive some of these documents locally. Currently the only WEB site which can be anonymously downloaded is at the Friends and Partners at the University of Tennessee (below).

Reproduction, translation and publication by Russian newspapers is permitted if authors name, fax and Email address are published. Please e-mail a copy of the translation to author at U.S.A. Russian newspapers may requests specific articles about specific subjects of Russian business, investment, defense conversion, bank reorganization, economy, inflation, monetary policy, taxes, privatization, exchange rates etc. They will be provided free and written exclusively for publication upon request.

Special Reports

November 1997

Current forms of privatization in formerly socialist economies are a peversion of the real task and immoral.
Case histories of investment in and manufacturing in Russia. Benefit from our experience.

Prices vs. Accounting practices in Former Soviet Union. An example of misunderstanding of prices by Avtovaz. Example of an analysis of a proposed Russian Business Project. How to get concrete results from an advisor/consultant

Current Essays & Reports

U.S. Government Adopts Failed Socialism Sytem of Former Soviet Union without knowledge of its citizens.

TORTURE IN RUSSIA - Amnesty International Concerns about systematic and widespread use of torture in Russia of "suspects" by poilice authorities. 10,000-20,000 deaths.

New books

September 1997 Dr. Pyotr Joannevich van de Waal-Palms - Mossbusinessbank - Promstroibank - Bank "Saint Petersburg" PLC - Petrovskiy Bank. (300 pages)

Recent Essays


Economic Prospects For Cis Countries Uncertain-Unctad

How To Get Rich Yourself And Make Your Country Rich Too!

Russia Does Not Want Investment !

Mistakes In Thinking Continue To Rule Russia

The Objectives Of Privatization

Black Tuesday

Our Illusions - Economic Obstinacy - The Road Back To Prosperity

The Truth About Mmm

Russia Does Not Want Investment !

People Are The Greatest Natural Resources & Wealth Of Ukraine And Russia

Russian Government Economic Policy: Transfer Income From Poor To Rich

U.S. Computer Maker Halts Russian Production

Why Russians Live The Way They Do: Russia is not an enigma at all.

600% Tax By Russian Government Closes Russian/American Newspaper Joint Venture


General Resources

Russian Newspapers with web sites

New Russian Laws

Bill Gates says "Success lies in thinking long term

"Books Available by Email: 1000 Well Known American Books Available By Email In English." These books are available via ftp or e-mail in electronic form to Russian, Ukrainian and CIS book publishers and may be translated into Ukrainian or Russian or other CIS languages and distributed. Contact for details and for arrangements to provide copies in Russian and Ukrainian language.

Additional Books Available by Email: Many great old classics of the English language

Commercial Intelligence

Contacts with Russian & CIS Government Officials

Eurasian Environmental Electronic Mail Users

Expert Consultant E-mail Distance Education, Mentor, Tutor s in International Business Advisory Services for Russian General Directors and Government Official


Free Articles For Ukrainian & Russian Newspapers

General Job Opportunities in the Newly Independent States (former Soviet Union)

Handbook For Russian Media Coverage Of Campaigns

"How Russians obtain and use American credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercharge, etc.)

How To Contact The President Of The United States Transliteration of Russian

How To Operate Russian Employee Benefit Programs, Health Insurance, And Pension Plans: correctly, according to international norms

Infomeister-Ukrainian Computing offerings-Winkey Ver. 1 and ER Kurier Modified fonts

List of Commercial Attorneys and Law Firms in Uzbekistan

List of government officials of Ukraine: address and telephone

List Of 143 E-Mail Addresses For Russian And CIS Newspapers And Media

News from Vladivostok on line

Review Of Recent History Of Economic Development Policy Of The Russian Federation

"The best American books about Capital, International and Investment, translated into Russian with the name of the Russian Book store where you can buy them"

The most important ingredient for economic reconstruction of the CIS - Ethics - The manual for It.

The Role of Ethics in Russian Economic Development & Reconstruction

"The Russian Constitution - Federal Assembly"

The Two Most Eligible Companies In Vladivostok for Defense Conversion Investment

Training Available To Russian Reporters: From British Broadcasting Corporation May 12, 1995

Unique attributes of Acquisition of Russian Companies

US Organizations With Aid Programs For Eastern Europe



Scholarships in America for Russian and CIS Students

Scholarship Program for students from the Commonwealth of Independent States (Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union).

The Evolution Of Philanthropic Assistance With Crisis In Russia, TO SELF-HELP "BOOT-STRAP" Economic Activity

This web site might help Ukrainian students looking for financial aid or scholarships ...etc. Someone was asking about this recently.

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